Monday, February 27, 2012

Mewtwo EX & Emboar

I'm baack!
Hi everyone!

Today’s the time for already 4th Mewtwo EX entry. This time it’s time for something more unique and interesting that didn’t get so much attention in Japan. This deck has also been forgotten by the Western players mainly because of N. I name it, you know it – it’s Emboar.

This fire pig was big ever since it was released. Most people hyped it was broken and in the end it ended up winning the World Championships in Masters when combined with Magnezone. However, in this article I’ll discuss about Emboar by itself and with other supporting Pokémon than Magnezone. The time for Magnezone/Emboar will be later but I’ll touch that deck as well in the future since it might once again have a chance in the current metagame.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mewtwo EX & Celebi Prime

There is no stopping this little guy
Hey all The Deck Out followers!

Today’s the time for Mewtwo EX article once again. It has been a while and now Mewtwo EX  will be accompanied by probably the most familiar card for all of you – Celebi Prime. I revealed the Celebi Prime/Mewtwo EX decklist of mine in the first Eye on Japan – article and ever since Celebi Prime has been in the top3 of the best-selling cards in Troll&Toad’s card shop. I also played recently in the ECC my Celebi/Mewtwo deck, which gave me a top16 position for that tournament. If you haven’t checked out my list and report yet, check it out here! Also, the Tornadus variant of this deck won the whole tournament, so this is an article you DON'T want to miss.

I’ve done so much testing with this deck that I know it pretty much inside out. Thanks to that I can provide you a very competitive list of this deck and also explain very well what are the strength and weaknesses of this deck. This deck isn’t even a near unbeatable but nonetheless it’s one of the best pure Mewtwo EX variants, I’ve ever played.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ECC Report

Bridge over troubled water
Hey all The Deck Out followers!

First of all, sorry for the late entry but as you probably know, this weekend I played in ECC and lost in top16 due to my own misplay(if you didn't know that you should start following my Facebook!). The weekend was a great success and I had a lot of fun and even learnt a thing or two about playing, which really surprised me. I apologize for the late report since I came home yesterday evening at 1 AM. I got to writing as soon as I woke up so my English may be a little rusty in this report so forgive me about that.

Anyways, the tournament was a very big one so I’ll get to report now.

We came to our Arnhem’s hostel on Friday evening (the tournament began on Saturday) and the whole team Finland started to make deck lists. I wasn’t making a deck list because I wasn’t sure what to play. The last weekend, when I tested the HGSS-NEX format, I only learnt that there were some decks I didn’t want to play – Zekrom and Durant. Durant isn’t just a deck for me and I didn’t want to play Zekrom because I feel uncomfortable with Eelektrik because it just sits on the bench. The two decks, I were debating between, were ReshiPlosion and Celebi/Mewtwo. And yes, it wasn’t a CMT (hate the name by the way) but a plain Celebi/Mewtwo.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Deck Out goes global: Poland

Skyscrapers in Warsaw
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Today is a time for another goes global entry. I’m pretty sure you that most of you didn’t even know that this country even had Pokémon players since they don’t play in the World Championships and aren’t too loud about themselves in the international forums. The country is Poland, a country that I knew almost nothing before I started to research things. When I started to edit this entry, I felt like, I didn’t want to write everything I received but I wanted to do any censorship so this entry is a realistic Polish players’ point of view to the game.

So, let’s see what Poland has to offer for The Deck Out – goes global.


Population: 38,1 million
The most famous living person: Roman Polanski (Director)
The most famous company: PKN Orlen (Oil refiner and petrol retailer)
Currency:  Zloty
Fun fact: Poland has 17 Nobel prize winners (4 peace prize winners)

Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm every Chandelure (CC Report)

The last stand
Hey all The Deck Out followers!

This weekend I was in my last City Championships. The tournament was in HGSS-NVI format but the main focus of the whole weekend was to test for ECC. I modified and tested a lot of different decks for ECC and at the moment I’m pretty clueless what I’m going to play. I’m still thinking about some kind of Mewtwo/Celebi Prime variant but it’s very difficult to choose between the best variations.

This entry is not to discuss about ECC metagame etc. because ECC is just a week away and you’ll get a full update once I go and play there. In both of our “test tournaments” there were 2 Durants in top4, which wasn’t a surprise. Durant is a very strong deck against any Mewtwo EX variants because if you open with Mewtwo, Durant will crush you. However, Mewtwo EX is great against everything else.

The testing was on Saturday and because Durant did very well with almost no changes from NDE, I knew that Durant would be as dominating in the CC as it was in the test tournament. For a very long time I thought that ReshiPlosion would be a great play if I faced only Durants through the whole tournament. However, since the tournament was only 5 rounds and top4 I needed a very consistent deck. And what deck is consistent as MetaNite? You guessed it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Deck goes finally global! - Finland

Nokia is the Finnish brand number one
Hey all The Deck Out followers!

It took a forever for me to get to this point but here I’m finally. Ready to launch The Deck Out goes global. In this entry, I’ll discuss what The Deck Out goes global will include and I’ll also show you a schedule for the goes global – entries. I’ll also show you an example of how will the goes global entries look like in the future by covering my own country’s game in the same manner. If you have any suggestions to make for the upcoming entries, please do because then I have time to modify all the other entries.

I think this was a good time to start The Deck Out goes global series because I have the Mewtwo EX  -series going on as well. As I said, I’ve been able to get answers from a lot of countries and I’m very thankful for everyone who has been helping me with this very ambitious series. Here are the countries and dates, which I’m planning to cover. I hope that there will also be some changes with the schedule because I’m still waiting for contacts from a few countries

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mewtwo EX & Gardevoir

Gardevoir is my 3rd favorite Pokémon
Hey all The Deck Out followers!

This entry is the second entry of Mewtwo EX based decks – in each entry there is a new Mewtwo EX based deck, which has been played in Japan. I’ll be posting these entries once a week and if I don’t have something more important as the 2nd update of the week, both of my week’s entries will be about Mewtwo EX based decks.

Mewtwo EX is probably the most hyped card of all time before its release. When I released the Eye on Japan: Part 1 to SixPrizes, I didn’t expect the hype to get so high. I’m very sad that Troll&Toad take an advantage of my articles and hype it generated and it has been making me think of the future of Eye On Japan articles and their contents. I encourage everyone not to pre-order their Mewtwo EXs since the tides have already turned in Japan and as I said in my Pokegym post, Mewtwo EX is no longer the only good deck in the format. And I really hope that the get ratio of Mewtwo EX will be high/they will also make it as a promo card.

Mewtwo EX is obviously a good card but there are ways around it. However, as we all know – the best Mewtwo EX counter is Mewtwo EX itself so that’s one of the reasons it’s almost a must in every deck. Even if your strategy doesn’t fully rely on attacking with Mewtwo EX, you should still have it as a counter against your opponent’s Mewtwo EX.

Anyways, let’s start with a skeleton list of the first Mewtwo EX –based deck  – Gardevoir.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Great Mewtwo EX

Like a boss
Hello all The Deck Out followers!

I know that everyone on every site has covered Mewtwo EX already a thousand times but I’ll do it once more. However, I won’t stop to this article, oh no, I’ll be making Mewtwo EX entries the whole February through. This can be considered as the first part of my Mewtwo EX series, which has at the moment an unknown amount of parts.

At the moment the plan for my Mewtwo EX series looks like this:

Part 1: Mewtwo EX
Part 2: Mewtwo EX & Gardevoir
Part 3: Mewtwo EX & Celebi Prime
Part 4: Mewtwo EX & Emboar
Part 5: Mewtwo EX & Typhlosion Prime
Part 6: Mewtwo EX & Eelektrik

The order of the entries may change during the series but I’ll be covering at least these combinations. If you have request of what would you like to see analyzed with Mewtwo EX, please leave a request in the comment field of this article. Anyways, let’s start with the real article and get-to-know the new star of this format – Mewtwo EX.