Monday, August 27, 2012

BW-on Poll time! Part 2

Quality or quantity?
Hello everyone!

September is closing and so is my blog’s first entry for the 2012-2013 season, but before that I would like to hear your opinions once again for something. Week ago I asked you how should my content change next season. I must thank everyone for being active since thanks to you, it became clear to me what the main things I should concentrate on in the upcoming season are. From last poll, these 3 things were the most voted:

- More rogue articles!
- More things from Japan!
- More in-depth articles!

It’s pretty clear that what you want from my blog: high-quality content what you can’t find from anywhere else. Of course this means that I must use more time writing and making research for each entry and that’s why I make this second poll. There are two questions, so I hope you’ll pick one answer for both questions. The questions are:

- How many entries should I release per week?
- Should I use more featured writers, so I could get more entries?

Remember, more entries per week will mean less-in depth articles, while less entries per week will mean more in-depth articles. Also, featured writers may lead to the increase of quality or decrease of quality. There are always risks when it comes to featured writers.

That in mind, let me know by voting and commenting just like last time. Remember, I write for you, so I want to know what you want me to write about!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BW-on Poll time!

My blog will become as versatile as
Mew EX

Hi everyone!

I said that I would take a 2-week break before continuing my blog, but of course I couldn’t do that completely. The new tournament season is going to start very soon and the new season always brings new things (like for example Battle Roads without top cut). I’m also hoping to reach the freshness of the new season with my blog. However, for that I need YOUR input.

What do you want me to write about? Did you enjoy the last season and hope that I’ll mostly concentrate on analysis of metagame? Or do you want me to take more rogue-ish point of view in my articles? Would you like still like to see Eye on Japan articles, even though Japan is covered on the other sites as well? Are there any article types you would like me to write, but haven’t seen me to write yet? To make things easier, you are able to vote in a poll on the right. However, it would be great if I could hear your opinions about what kind of content you would like me to provide.

You can reach me with comments on this entry
with e-mail to:
with My Facebook
and with My Twitter

I hope I am able to provide great Pokémon TCG info this season, just like last season!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

World Championships 2012 and TTCI Report

Me playing in The Top Cut Invitational
against Jason Klaczynski

Hello everyone!

So, Worlds are over and the new World Champions are crowned once again. Even though my results from both – the World Championships and The Top Cut Invitational – were what I would call horrible, the whole Worlds experience was my best so far. That’s a lot to say since these Worlds were my 7th Worlds.

At the moment, I’m still jet-lagging a lot (a 27-hour flight combined to 13 hour time difference takes time to recover). However, I wanted to get the report up as soon as possible so I can concentrate fully on next season as soon as possible. I’ll be posting this report to my blog, SixPrizes and since I think it will be an interesting read for everyone. In advance I want you to forgive me for every single grammar error, I’m going to make in this report. Yes, I’m going to make a lot of those.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The World Championships 2012 - entry

Eelektrik won't be in my Worlds' deck!
Hello everyone!

I’m writing this entry from the sunny Hawaii. We arrived to Hawaii two days ago (on Saturday evening). I’m still trying to survive from a bit of a jet lag, so I could be at 100% in the World Championships. Worlds are only 5 days away and I simply can’t wait for it!

This week will probably be the most exciting week of 2012 for me. Last week, my laptop decided to broke down, so I had to bring my girlfriend’s IPad (I hate typing with touch screen) with me, so I could keep updating my blog, Facebook and Twitter. I hope you will join me in Facebook and Twitter during my journey in World Championships and The Top Cut Invitational. I’ll try to update my result after every round if I can get an access to the Internet. Here are the channels, you can follow me from:


Anyways, let’s take a look at what makes this weekend so special for Pokémon TCG and for me personally. Some pieces of information of the metagame and my deck choice will also be included.   

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LCQ and Worlds metagame brainstorming

Worlds and LCQ will be the
last stand of Vileplume
Hi everyone!

First of all, I've gotten a ton of questions how my name is pronounced. It's a short name, but it's very challenging to pronounce if you aren't Finnish. I have heard so many variations of my name that I didn't even know that my could be pronounced in that many ways! Anyways, if you click this link: Esa and press the speaker button, it will pronounce the name as close as the real pronounciation as possible with Google translate.

Also, my laptop just broke down, so I this entry was delayed a bit. This also means that I have to take my gf’s IPad with me to Hawaii to be able to update my Facebook and Twitter. I hate typing with touch screen, but I do what I got to do since I’ll try to update FB and Twitter between every round, so anyone not going to Worlds can follow my tournament run in real-time.

Just a week ago, I was pretty sure that this entry would be about Garchomp/Altaria. However, the more I thought about it, the more absurd the idea grew. I’ve only played a handful of games with the deck and don’t really have any too in-depth thoughts about it. I want to offer the best for you, so I’ll start analyzing BW-on when I myself am testing it.

This leads me to the main topic of this entry – the last hurray of the HGSS-on format- the 2012 World Championships. I’ve already made a mass entry about World Championships for the UG, so in this entry I’ll concentrate on things that I didn’t concentrate so much on in the UG article. It’s good to brainstorm once in a while, so this entry will probably be my most “bloggish” entry so far with just everything that pops up into my head while writing.

Let’s get going.