Monday, October 29, 2012

Impact Crater: Boundaries Crossed

Keldeo EX rushes in to save
the format.

Hello everyone!

As has finally released all of the scans from Boundaries Crossed, we now all the cards of the set, which means it’s time for another Impact Crater! I’m glad that I didn’t do an Impact Crater earlier about the Boundaries Crossed, because as you know it missed some key cards when compared to the Japanese Freeze Bolt set. However, even though the loss of some cards really hindered the playability of the set, the set still surprising amount of playable and especially interesting cards. Interesting doesn’t necessarily equal competitive, but you have to start from something, right?

As you know, in Impact Crater, I analyze all the most playable and the interesting cards and since the set has 150 cards, this Impact Crater also includes a big bunch of cards. I was positively surprised just how many interesting cards the set has even though I’m still very disappointed due the lack of cards like Ether, Escape Rope and Bicycle. As there are so many cards I need to take a look at, let’s get going!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Eye on Japan: Sneak Peak to Freeze Bolt and Plasma Gale

Is Landorus EX the western
Lands' Judgment as well?

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last Eye on Japan article, and as Regionals were just played and so were Battle Roads, I thought it would be a great time for another Eye on Japan. I’ve been discussing about both formats with Yuki, the BW- Boundaries Crossed and the BW- Plasma Gale format. However, in this article I’ll concentrate on the format, which is more important for everyone in the near future – the BW – Boundaries Crossed format.

The article will include lists that are the most interesting in my opinion. They all include one of the best cards that will be released in Boundaries Crossed – Landorus EX. Anyways, I’ve also decided that I’ll try to get a more in-depth with Japan by interviewing the local players (older and younger players) with the help of Yuki and I’m asking you, if there is anything you would like to ask from a Japanese players. Send me a question request on

- Facebook
- Twitter

Or put in the comments field.

Rant: I wrote this article before Ether was revealed not to be released in the new set, so I apologize for the Decklists that have the Ether/Pokédex engine. However, there are other things in this article as well and not just the deck lists so I hope you still enjoy.

There are lots of interesting things on the way, so without further chit-chat, let’s get in the business.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Analysis of tournament winning deck lists: Battle Roads

Hello everyone!

Today, I’m going to take a look at the winning deck lists of Finnish Battle Roads. Thankfully there were a lot of variety among the deck. Ok, saying “a lot” is exaggerating, but let’s just say that there was enough variety to make the tournament enjoyable. In this entry, I’ll take a look at the top4 decks of the Masters Division AND the winner list of Seniors. I wanted to take the Seniors winning deck to this entry, because I really enjoy the deck’s concept and I was positively surprised when I saw the decklist.

I know Boundaries Crossed is just right behind the corner and Eye on Japan will be coming on Monday, but I still wanted to take one more look at the present format, before we look to the future. We’ll be playing the BW-BC format for over 3 months and all the City Championships, so I’m pretty sure everyone will get everything out of the new format in time. Also, to understand the present, it’s important to understand the past – that’s why looking at for example BW-Dragons Exalted Hydreigon/Darkrai EX and comparing it to the upcoming Hydreigon lists, makes us understand the very roots of deck building.

Once again, thanks for the players that gave me the permission to use their lists! There will be 5 decklist analyses in total, so it’s quite a ride we’re going to have.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Back in business - tournament report from Battle Roads!

Back with Hammers!

Hello everyone!

As promised, it’s time for my very first tournament report of the season. There have been a few Battle Roads in Finland before, but I have only attended one before this tournament – as a head judge of the tournament. Anyways, this entry will include my tournament report with the very expected rogue I promised to play.

I’ll try to get my hands on the winning deck lists from each tournament series, so I can be able to show you not only my competitive deck lists, but also decks that have been proven to be working in a tournament play while showing another way to build deck lists – not just my way of building them. That’s why I’ll later on this week analyze the Battle Roads winning deck lists from our local players. Thank you for everyone for giving me a permission to use your lists in my blog!

Also, as said on Facebook  and Twitter, I’ll try to get the first Eye on Japan of this season released this week, so be sure to look for it. I have a pretty busy schedule this week, so it’s scheduled to be released next Monday t. Now, on to the report!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Eelektrik - What's the play?

Is Rayquaza the best Eelekrik variant?
Read to find out my opinion!

Hello everyone!

The first Regionals are closing in and everyone should start preparing for them. For international players like me, there are still Battle Roads, which you can go to. Today’s article will discuss the most successful (and played) variants of Battle Roads – Eelektrik variants. In this article, I’ll take a look at three different Eelektrik variants: the most played Zeels variant, the most successful Rayquaza/Eelektrik variant and also the very interesting Eelektrik/Techs deck.

If you aren’t yet settled with your deck choice for your upcoming, give a good read for this entry, because I’m sure that everyone can agree on just how good and versatile can Eelektrik decks be when tweaked a lot. Eelektrik decks will also be around for the whole season, so if you’re looking for a deck that you can play throughout the season, Eelektrik is a very good option.

Let’s start with the most popular version.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Featured Writer: Matijs Moree - Darkrai EX


Hello everyone!

Today I¨ll have a featured writer to do the job for me! You may be familiar with Matijs Moree, who wrote almost a year ago his first article to The Deck Out. He is a very good friend of mine and like me he enjoys rogue deck building. However, this season Matijs has decided to take things a bit more seriously and has a Worlds invite as his goal. Getting a Worlds invite in a country like the Netherlands, which has a lot of great players is a difficult task, so Matijs has changed his strategy and played a metagame deck in Battle Roads. You can say he has changed to the Dark Side (literally). 

I´m glad that the article will discuss Darkai EX variant, because - in my opinion - Darkrai EX is underdiscussed in the current Internet debate. Darkrai EX is one of the strongest attackers out there and gives trouble to any tier1 deck.

If YOU are willing to write an article to The Deck Out, send me an e-mail to: or hit me on Facebook or Twitter. Somehow I managed to lost all the previous e-mails that everyone send to me, so send them again! Anyways, now I give the stage to Matijs' article.