Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Decklist Out updated for Cities!

Tornadonk failed me.
Hello everyone!

I finally had time to put all of these lists together as I've been testing pretty intensely the past few weeks. As always, let me know of any calculations errors/typos or anything else in The Decklist Out. The Decklist Out is meant completely for you, so I want it to be as smooth to read as possible. Also, if you feel like there is any list missing from the list, let me know and I'll consider if I'll add it!

Also, for those who didn't know yet, I'm going to visit Tokyo in early January and will hopefully be able to visit local league(s) there and discuss with some people and watch Japanese players play games. I'll try to take lots of pictures as well!

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Enjoy the lists and feel free to use them as you wish!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Darkrai EX for Cities

Darkrai EX ain't going nowhere

Hi everyone!

The – in my opinion – real Pokémon TCG season has finally started thanks to City Championships! Last weekend was the first weekend of Cities, so we don’t have a full point of view to how the metagame really looks like. One thing’s for sure either way – the current format is very versatile. In fact, the current format seems a lot more versatile than I first thought it would look like. Everything from Eelektriks to Garchomp/Landorus EXs has been winning the tournaments. I’m sure the metagame will get more focused during the weeks of Cities, but for now let’s enjoy for the good format.

Anyways, today, I’m going back to basics and discussing Darkrai variants. Included in this entry will be of course my new Hammertime variant, Speed Darkrai variant  and the a lot discussed Darkrai/Fighting. Also, if you haven’t yet seen the Gym Challenge winning decklists from Japan that included one very interesting Darkrai EX variant, I’ll take a quick look at it as well.

So, lots of lists and analysis. I’m feeling like writing an UG article! So, let’s start with the Japanese winning list, if you hadn’t seen it yet!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blastoise/Keldeo EX - The comeback of Raindance

O Raindance, where art thou?

Hello everyone!

Today, I’m going to take a look at a deck that can be called old school, because it has so many predecessors in the past formats. Rain Dance –like Abilities have been around from the Base Set and they have always been tournament-winning concepts. I expect nothing less from the new Boundaries Crossed Blastoise – even though its Ability’s name is Deluge, not Rain Dance.

Blastoise has been one of the most discussed cards of BC ever since it was released in Japan, because of its history. However, it hasn’t really been that successful in the Japan. What is the reason behind this and is it going to break its way to the tier1 in the west? I’ll answer these questions and more in this article. I’ll take a look at many different Blastoise variants and discuss which techs are the best and why.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Why everyone should love Ditto

How can you not love me?

Hi everyone!

Today’s article will be very unorthodox article for me, because I’ll be concentrating on one card and one card only. The card is Ditto from Boundaries Crossed. What was the reason, why I chose Ditto? You know that I’ve made articles of single cards like Mewtwo EX in the past, but Ditto is nowhere as good as Mewtwo EX – or is it? I don’t think these two cards can even be compared, because they have so different functions in their decks. 

However, the reason why I chose Ditto for this article was simple – it’s one of the most controversial cards of the new set and has caused a lot of discussion. Some players – like myself- have been hyping it, some have been saying that it just isn’t good enough card to put into a deck and some don’t really know what to think about it. No matter, what’s your opinion, I hope I’ll be able to give you some food for thought about Ditto. Also, for those who are still wondering what’s with all this discussion about Ditto, I’ll hopefully be able to provide a throughout guide to how and why correctly play Ditto. I've got SO many questions about Ditto from players all over the world that I believe this entry will answer all the answers I have received and more!

So, here it is. Why YOU should love Ditto.