Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tournament winning decklists + analysis of HGSS-NV format

Does Zekrom keep on reigning?
Hi everyone!

I’ve been busy with the new The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword last few days so I wasn’t answering to your comments daily. Sorry for that! On Sunday I was in the first tournament in 1½ months and it was the last States of this year. But here is the catch, the tournament was held in HGSS-NV format and I didn’t have any NV cards. So, that’s why I ended up head judging the event. Thankfully I got very much out of judging because there really wasn’t many issues during the tournament and everything went smoothly. Also, I was able to get the permission from all the top4 finishers of Masters for using their decklists for my blog.

This far I’ve been able to give you guys tournament-viable decklists but now I can give you tournament winning decklists! I’m very grateful for all the Finnish players that allowed me to use their lists for my blog and I also hope you enjoy this update as well. In this update you will find all the lists of top4 finishers and my analysis of these decks.

Well, first of all, let’s look at the top8 and their decks of Helsinki States.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Changes of metagame decks with Noble Victories

N gives many decks a lot to think of.
Hello all The Deck Out followers!

Today’s update is for The Decklist Out. This is also a very interesting entry to all of you who are going to City Championships in the next few weeks. I’ll go through every already known metagame deck in this entry and I’ll reveal an updated list for each deck with NV in it. Hope you enjoy this article; there are lot of lists and even more thoughts about the decks in general!

Let’s get started:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Eelektrik/Zekrom/Tornadus - the new tier1?

Hello all The Deck Out followers!

Today’s entry is one of the most obvious “new” decks from the new set: Zekrom/Tornadus/Eelektrik. This deck has done fairly well in Japan in the HGSS-NV format and I’m expecting it to do well in our format as well. It’s very close to the normal Zekrom/Tornadus but with a ReshiPlosion-like build.

In this entry I’ll reveal 2 various ways to approach the deck and how they can be used in the upcoming City Championships format. This is an entry worth reading because you’re sure to face these decks in the first CC’s you’re going to!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eye on Japan: 6 corners

Hello and welcome to The Deck Out!

When I released my first Eye on Japan –article I received a huge load of e-mails. (Thanks everyone for the e-mails!) Based on these e-mails I decided make an update on few decks I mentioned in my first Eye on Japan article. For this article I chose the deck that received the 2nd most feedback.

In this article I try to explain the main purpose of this deck and how it works in general. Many people wondered what the strategy of this deck was so I’ll reveal a list for it and explain it more in-depth. This deckscan be considered a rogue deck since this is so weird so I won’t use skeletons but only full decklist. I try to add few tech options as well. I hope you enjoy this analysis because I really enjoyed this deck.

Now into the decklist…

Monday, November 14, 2011

Durant - milling day & night

Hey to all The Deck Out followers!

Today I’m back to normal. I’ve got lots of contacts for my “The Deck Out goes global” – feature but I’m still missing some countries! If you’re from the missing country and would like to help me, please e-mail me to:
thedeckout@gmail.com . You can find the missing countries here.

It’s refreshing to be back to normal. Noble Victories will be released in a few days and as promised I’ll have lots of new decks because of that. Today I’m concentrating on one of my favorite cards of the new set – Durant. Durant is one of my favorite cards in the new set just because it’s a milling card. It wins by decking out your opponent. And it’s very suitable Pokémon to be analyzed in my blog when you think about my blog’s name, don’t you think? I have said previously that I love different ways of winning games like milling or lost zoning and that’s why I waited Durant to be released for a very long time. I’ve had Durant deck together over a month already so I have done some serious testing with it.

In this article I will reveal 2 different ways to build a tournament-viable Durant deck that has a chance of beating any deck regularly in the format (except for one deck but about that later on in the article).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Deck Out goes global / Power Player interviews

Hi everyone!

Since U.S. Regionals are this weekend and I’ve already covered their metagame AND because Noble Victories is not yet released there was nothing to write about today. However, after Regionals end, there are lots to analyze once again and thanks to Noble Victories I am able to analyze and reveal new decks every week. However, today’s update is something equally important as new decks and results.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Impact Crater: Noble Victories

N will be as popular among players
as he is among girls
Hello and welcome back to The Deck Out.

The release of the new set - Noble Victories - is very close and some of you may already own cards from the new set. When a new set is released there, it has always at least a little impact on the current format and metagame. In the Impact Crater - series I’ll analyze all the cards of the new set that will have impact on our current format and explain why. There will be also new combos and new metagame deck ideas along the way so be sure to read the whole entry carefully!

You can find the Impact Crater –article of the set Emerging Powers here. Without any more delay, it’s time to find out what lies in the Impact Crater of the Noble Victories.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND going rogue

Hi everyone!

Regionals are just around the corner and so is the release of the Noble Victories. Prereleases are going on in the U.S. (and hopefully somewhere in the Europe as well). However, today I’m not discussing about the upcoming tournaments or the new cards in the set. I already made my metagame predictions in my BR + Regionals –article and I must admit that I’m a bit fed up with the current format. Thankfully NV will be released in 2 weeks and the game will get much more interesting than at the moment. I’ll release my Impact Crater article of the Noble Victories next week so be sure to check it out.

Today I feel like going rogue and I’ll analyze one of the cards I’ve loved ever since it was released – Rayquaza&Deoxys LEGEND (later on referred as RDL). For those who don’t know what it does – shame on you - and check the picture on the right.

RDL is one of those cards I’ve been working on a very long time. I spent countless hours making RDL based Secret Deck for the World Championships but due the lack of testing and time I didn’t manage to get the decks decent enough. In this entry I’ll reveal some of my lists I was working on for the World Championships and look deeper into RDL. I hope you enjoy my article so just sit back and relax.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eye on Japan: Cobalion/Kyurem/Electrode

Hello and welcome to The Deck Out!

Today I have a very special deck analysis for you guys. It’s about the deck, I’ve received the most contacts after my Eye on Japan article. Many of you wondered about the decklist and how it works. I’ve tested this deck a good amount and like I already said in Eye on Japan article – I love it. Electrode Prime is always fun to play but things get way more interesting with N in the format – Electrode Prime really combos with it.

Then let’s start off with the decklist. If you don’t know what the certain cards do in the Noble Victories check the scans out from: www.pokebeach.com