Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Deck Out goes global / Power Player interviews

Hi everyone!

Since U.S. Regionals are this weekend and I’ve already covered their metagame AND because Noble Victories is not yet released there was nothing to write about today. However, after Regionals end, there are lots to analyze once again and thanks to Noble Victories I am able to analyze and reveal new decks every week. However, today’s update is something equally important as new decks and results.
As you can see from the header, I want to go global. The Deck Out is followed in over 20 countries at the moment, which I think is awesome! Thanks for everyone for following my blog; I couldn’t have ever dreamed about reaching out to that many countries in this short amount of time.

Since I have so many followers all around the World, I want to spread the word about every country’s Pokémon TCG community following me. I’ve already spread the word about Japanese and Finnish metagame but I want to do more and because I want to do more I need your help for that.

If you are able to help me and want everyone know a little bit more about your country’s TCG community and how great it is, please contact me some way! I have already contacts from a few countries and now I need contact from at least the following countries:

USA (from California, Texas and Florida areas if possible; other areas are welcome as well)
Chech Rebublic




United Kingdom
New Zealand






I already have contacts from:

The Netherlands

Let me know if your country is missing from the list!!

If you able to help me with my very ambitious project please let me know by E-mail/Facebook/Twitter. I only need you to be an active player in tournaments/leagues and league leaders/tournament organizers are very welcome to contact me too. I also hope that you know your area’s players and you are able to describe your area with more than 2 words.

I will also start my “Power player interviews” in a few weeks and I need your help with that too. Let me know - who would you like to see interviewed? Who do you think is a real champion/power player in the Pokémon TCG scene. Remember, he/she can be anyone from any country.  I’ll try make all of your requests happen. Also, let me know if have any questions you would like to ask from someone.  So, please give me requests in the comment field/e-mail or in the Social Medias!

Thanks for following my blog as usual and please contact me if you willing to help me with my mission. Also, feel free to contact me or write in the comment field if you have any requests about anything considering my blog. Remember, I wouldn’t be this far without you!


  1. Need someone from Malaysia? I'd be happy to help with that. :D

  2. This sounds awesome! Looking forward to learning about the differences in deck choice etc. in different countries :)

    I'd like you to interview Pooka if possible! I know he's doing a lot for the game right now with The Top Cut and has also been playing for ages so it'd be interesting to listen to his journey so far!

  3. Aaron: Yes please. Please e-mail me to:

    oTYo: Glad to know that I'm not only one who thinks this is interesting. I'm doing this out of my own curiosity and also think that people should value all the Pokémon TCG countries in the World and not only the "big countries". That's what I'm trying to do with this.

    I'll be sure to ask Pooka, when I have time, thanks for suggestion!

  4. Im from Portugal, but can you tell me the objective of this I'm not very good in English and I didn't get some parts of this.

  5. Pika: Well, if you can e-mail me to I'll let you know about the details!

  6. I'm from Spain,I'm not perfect at speaking English but I can understand almost everything about Pokémon TCG.
    I can tell you how is our meta and the status of Organized Play since we don't have one.

  7. Miquel: Can you e-mail me to I'll let you know for the details in the e-mail. And you don't have to write perfect english, I'm not a native and perfect either :D

  8. I may not be the best player but I can give you an insight to the TCG situation in the Philippines.

  9. derictan_krosselements: No Problem! Please e-mail me to: for more info!

  10. i'm from argentina, tell what u need to know dude

  11. Hey her can you please e-mail me to: so I can tell you the details?


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