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Eye on Japan: Cobalion/Kyurem/Electrode

Hello and welcome to The Deck Out!

Today I have a very special deck analysis for you guys. It’s about the deck, I’ve received the most contacts after my Eye on Japan article. Many of you wondered about the decklist and how it works. I’ve tested this deck a good amount and like I already said in Eye on Japan article – I love it. Electrode Prime is always fun to play but things get way more interesting with N in the format – Electrode Prime really combos with it.

Then let’s start off with the decklist. If you don’t know what the certain cards do in the Noble Victories check the scans out from: www.pokebeach.com


Cobalion (NV)
3x Voltorb (TM)
3x Electrode (TM)
1x Kyurem (NV)
1x Cleffa (CL)


4x Professor Junioer
3x N (NV)
2x Professor Oak’s New Theory
2x Sage’s Training
1x Pokegear 3.0

4x Pokémon Collector
1x Professor Elm’s Training Method
3x Junk Arm
3x Eviolite(NV)
2x Super Rod (NV)

3x Pokemon Catcher
2x Pokemon Communication

2x Research Records


8x Basic Metal Energy
4x Special Metal Energy

4x Water Energy


If you have read my tournament report, you pretty much know this deck’s strategy. The deck’s goal is to use Electrode’s Energymite (usually after Research Records) and get as many energy to your Pokémon as possible. The main attacker in this deck is Cobalion and Kyurem is just a tech against fire type Pokémon like Reshiram. However, you could play those other way around.

After blowing up Trode you want an Eviolite to Cobalion and a few Special Metal Energy. Cobalion already has 120 HP so it can be considered as a tank Pokémon when it gets additional HPs with Eviolite and Special Metals. It’s almost impossible to OHKO. When Cobalion is ready to attack, you just start hitting its second attack, which hits 80 and the Pokémon you attacked can’t attack the next turn. You can control your opponent fairly well with Ns and Catcher and as you can see from the card explanations Cathcer does great job when combined to Cobalion’s second attack.

The best case scenario is to survive the whole game with only 1 Energymite but this deck can afford using 2 Energymites as well in one game.  Two Energymites are especially needed in cases you need to attack with Kyurem. You can use Kyurem as an early spreader if you can get the Water energy early on or as a tech against fire type Pokémon. Whenever you want to blow up Electrode Prime be sure to have Cobalion AND Kyurem on the bench. you never know how many Water Energy you are going to get with Energymite.

Card Explanations



Deck’s main attacker and the reason this deck is even playable. Cobalion has enough HP (120), good first attack and a GREAT second attack. The second attack of Cobalion – Iron Breaker – is the reason this Pokémon is good. Cobalion has one of the most horrible weaknesses in the current metagame (fire) which means it has serious problems with Reshirams and without Iron Breaker Reshiram would be an autoloss. Iron Breaker makes the attacked Pokémon unable to attack unless they retreat or evolve their Pokémon so this gives even Reshiram problems. Iron Breaker also works very well with Catcher because you can choose the Pokémon you don’t want to let attack.

Cobalion’s first attack – Energy Press – is an ok attack in the current format but you should really take notice for it for the upcoming format. When Mewtwo EX is released, the energy amounts of attackers will increase and after that Energy Press will become very good.

Electrode Prime

Electrode Prime is the only prudent way to load Cobalion in this format. Without Electrode Prime Cobalion would be completely unplayable because it would be so difficult to load. However, thanks to Electrode, the format is once again a bit richer. Electrode Prime’s only purpose in this deck is to blow up and energy accelerate your attackers. Its power combos with supporter N so due the release of NV, Electrode Prime gets even better.


This is the third of the legendary Digimons. It’s type is just what the game needed. The format is widely dominated by Fire and Lighting Pokémons and Kyurem is a straight counter against the fire type. Cobalion wouldn’t stand a chance against Reshiram based decks without Kyurem but thanks to Electrode you can use Kyurem as the support attacker with Cobalion in the same deck.


Every deck needs a starter to add some consistency to the deck. Cleffa is the best option because the amount of Tyrogues has decreased rapidly and donking a 120 HP Pokémon is almost as possible as to donk a 30 HP Pokémon at the moment. Cleffa is the best starter in this deck, nuff’ said.


Professor Juniper, Sage’s Training

Well, nothing new here. Juniper is a superior draw card compared to the rest of the format, so you have to play 4 of them. This deck would run out of the deck if it was built the normal way (4 Junipers and Sages), so the amount of Sage’s has been reduced to 2 to avoid the deckout. Electrode’s Energymite powers does some serious deck thinning by itself so you can’t be all-in with straight draw even though it would be your best bet. 


N is one of the new cards that really makes this deck tournament-viable. N makes both players shuffle their hands in their decks and draw as many cards as they have prizes left. Well, it should be obvious that N is a great card in a deck like this, which gives your opponent free prizes with Electrode Prime. The faster your opponent start KOing things and you blow up your Electrodes, the faster N becomes very good. It may even be possible that in the turn 2 after you’ve blown your Electrode, your opponent has only 3 prizes left. In normal game, you would’ve already lost but because you have N, the game has only started. With N you can force your opponent to draw a 3-card hand while you still enjoy drawing 6 cards like with PONT. There are no cards that combo better together than Electrode Prime and N.

Professor Oak’s New Theory

As stated earlier, this deck needs more shuffle & draw because you have to avoid decking out. PONT is the best shuffle&draw cards in the format beside N so you want to play a few of these as well.

Pokegear 3.0, Pokémon Collector

The original Japanese list played Dual Balls. I tried them – the results weren’t pretty. Dual Balls that aren’t the same in this kind of deck that needs total consistency and can’t afford discarding their Basic Pokémons with Energymite. Collector is also a lot better deck thinning card than Dual Ball and that way helps to increase the energy amounts you are able to get from the Energymite. 4 Collectors and 1 Pokegear - that’s all you need to get a fast and consistent set-up in every game with this deck.

Professor Elm’s Training Method, Pokemon Communication

Since the deck doesn’t run that many Pokémon, it’s not prudent to run 4 Communications. In the beginning I just threw one PETM in the deck and it soon became one of the best cards in this deck. Pokémon Communications’ and PETM’s only purpose in this deck is to search for the Electrode. The reason why PETM is good addition to this deck is that it doesn’t add cards to your deck. You don’t want to discard the Cobalion you just put into the deck with Communication with Electrode’s power. This deck wants to thin their deck out of everything else than energy and PETM helps with that goal.

Junk Arm

As you saw from the list, this deck runs many different trainers. Junk Arm is by far one of the best trainers in this format and running 3 of them may even be too few. If you can find a way to add a 4th Junk Arm in the list, you should probably do it.

Pokemon Catcher

Yeah, well Pokémon Catcher is a must in every deck of the format. This is no exception. However, the great thing about this deck is that Cobalion can really abuse Pokémon Catcher. Its attack Iron Breaker is great with Catcher. You can decide which Pokémon you don’t want to attack. This can give you the needed edge against Reshiram decks that would otherwise be an autoloss to you. Catcher can also work as a staller if you want to spread with Kyurem more than 2 turns. You can just drag something with a huge retreat as your opponent’s active Pokémon and start spreading.


Eviolite is a new card so it needs a little bit explanation. It’s a Pokémon tool that works as a Defender for Basic Pokémon. It will be attached to the Pokémon as long it’s KOed so as it sounds, it’s a super card in basic decks. Anything from Zekrom to Reshiram can abuse it very well.

Eviolite is here because of Cobalion AND Kyurem. It helps Cobalion to become even bigger of a tank. With 120 HP, Special Metal Energies and Eviolite, Cobalion is almost impossible to OHKO without a fire Pokémon. Eviolite will soon become as a staple card for each Basic Pokémon deck as you will notice as the season gets further.

With Kyurem, Eviolite just gets it from the OHKO range of most Pokémon. With Eviolite Kyurem has 150 HP and is also almost impossible to OHKO. Its metal weakness helps with that. There aren’t that many Metal Pokémon that even are playable other than Cobalion.

Super Rod (NV)

Oh, how long I waited for this card to get reprinted. It has the same effect as Night Maintenance (And Nightly Garbage Run) and it really helps all kinds of deck. Super Rod is reusable with Junk Arm so it’s a super good card in this format. It also helps Electrode decks to get more energy to the deck OR get the discarded Pokémons back to the deck. Either way you use it, this card will be VERY useful.

Research Record
I love this card. If you’ve read my Battle Road’s tournament report, you probably know already why this card is in this deck.  Research Record is a great card with Electrode Prime. In the best scenario situations you can use Research Record twice before you blow up your Trode, which usually guarantees you a 4-7 Energy Energymite. Research Record is one of the most underrated cards in the whole format and in an Electrode Prime deck it should be a staple card. It may even have other function in a deck as you can find out from my Tyranitar article.


Basic Metal Energy

You need Metal energy and since you can only run 4 Special Metals, you need a lot of Basic Metal to power up your Cobalions.

Special Metal Energy

Special Metal Energy makes Cobalion a total tank along with Eviolite. Since your main attacker is Metal type Pokémon, you must run the maximum amount of Special Metal energy.

Water Energy

You need energy for Kyurem as well. 4 Water energy should be enough because you have only 1 Kyurem AND 2 Super Rods. So even though, you would end up attaching Water energy to Cobalions, you can get them back with Super Rod.

Rainbow Energy

This one isn’t in the list but it should be considered in this deck. Electrode can get energy like Special Metal, DCE and Rainbow with its Power so Rainbow energy could be a great addition for it. That way you can run more Metal energy and less Water and still have more energy to attack with Kyurem. You should also remember one thing – when you attack Rainbow Energy with Energymite, Rainbwo energy doesn’t inflict damage to the Pokémon its attached to – how awesome is that?

Deeper into the deck

It’s no use to list match-ups because this deck isn’t in the format yet. It will available for City Championships and I hope the metagame will change even a little for the City Championships – it’s a bit dull at the moment.

As explained in the strategy, this deck is pretty straightforward. Set-up, blow up Trode and start attacking and Catchering. Playing Electrode Prime should always be considered as a risky play because sometimes you don’t get any energy with Energymite and just sacrifice one prize for nothing. Thanks to N blowing up Electrode is never in vain. N brings more consistency for this deck that would have never be considered as a consistent deck because of the way it accelerated energy.

More options for the decklist

Well, I already mentioned that Rainbow energy could be a great addition for the deck but there is more. The first thing that I haven’t yet tried but I really should is to run more energy. Maybe cutting off the Research Record could be a good start. Running 16 energy in a deck with Electrode Prime is risky even though you have Research Record so that’s why running more energy should be tested.

You can also change the way the deck is completely played. Kyurem is a great card so you can opt to play more Kyurems and even change the balance 4 to 1 in the other way. Of course the deck will function whole differently after that but it’ still the same deck with the same objective, only with another main hitter. If you want to play Cobalion as your main attacker and happen to be in a fire-heavy environment, you should try find the balance with 2 Kyurems and 4 Cobalions. If you want to add more fire Pokémon counters for your deck you should also add rainbow energy and take some Basic metal energy out. 

The future

Even though this can be considered already a future deck we can look for the next set. In the future this deck will get even better. First thing that is good to know, is that Mewtwo EX will be released and it will be played. Cobalion is a straight counter against Mewtwo EX. Cobalion’s first attack - Energy Press – 2HKOS an attacking Mewtwo EX almost every time. The more loaded the Mewtwo is, the more you hit. And just count how many energy Mewtwo EX if it wants to OHKO the Cobalion because Cobalion has a Psychic resistance! With 1 Special Metal and Eviolite, Mewtwo needs a HUGE amount of energy to OHKO Cobalion. Cobalion will get even better once Mewtwo EX can gain some metagame space from Reshiram decks.

There will also be cards that make this deck look a bit different. The biggest change will come with the upcoming “Prism Energy”. Prism energy is a Rainbow Energy ONLY for Basic Pokémon and it doesn’t inflict damage like Rainbow Energy. That way you can easily replace at least the 4 Water energy with Prism Energy and have always enough Metal energy from Energymite. With Prism Energy you can also easily add the amount of Kyurem you want to run in the deck and make the deck more Kyurem-heavy. It’s all about how you want to run this deck.


I hope this article answered to your questions about this deck. The only reason I decided to write my first Eye on Japan metagame article about this deck was because it was by far the most asked deck from me. I’ve also done enough testing with this deck so I could figure out how it works and how it should be played. If there is anything you think I missed in this article or something you didn’t quite understand, feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for reading feel free to leave requests for my future articles as well!


  1. I find it to be a very intresting deck idea.
    I love Electrode Prime it's just to good with that cards some time ago i would never tought in playing Cobalion right now i changed my mind.
    And your Blog is awesome.

  2. Awesome deck review! Electrode has been so difficult to play because of how important evolutions were, but now that the format is switching to basics, I think there's a lot more room for Electrode's discard.

    I like the inclusion of Kyurem--not just as a tech against fire, but also as a way of setting up Cobalion KO's. Were you ever tempted to add one more? (What happens when your one is prized?)

  3. Seems like the deck wouldn''t play well against anything Yanmega oriented because of the easy snipes on Voltorbs. How's the matchup against Stage ones or MegaJudge?

  4. I don't think this deck had to worry about that sort of thing, coming out of japan. In one hand you have yanmega capitalizing on the voltorbs, but on the other hand yanmega is down in popularity because of it's moderate damage output and inability to survive against blue flare and bolt strike followed by outrage for easy prizes. Interesting to see if this deck will do well in our metagame and current format.

  5. Durant is really pain for that deck. Sp. Metal and Eviolite makes Glaciate useless and they have only 1 retreat cost so Iron Breaker isn'tt so useful.

    Juniper is really bad. In longer games decking out is guarantee.

    Also 1 Kyurem isn't answer to Reshiram. Can be prized or killed. What then?

  6. Anonymous: Thanks a lot! Yeah Cobalion is a card that's sure worth a try.

    TAndrewT: As I mentioned in the Deeper into the deck section, you can play as many Kyurems in your decks as you like. Kyurem is such a great card and it can very well work as a main attacker in this deck. When I played this deck in my league one month ago, it caught immediate interest and I've already seen lists with 2, 3 and even 4 Kyurems. It can be turned into Kyurem/Electrode w/ Cobalion tech easily and I think it may even be wise in a Fire-heavy metagame.

    Anonymous: Yanmega and the Catcher is the reason for Collector > Dual Ball. You need to get 2 voltorbs on the benc hat the same time. As I said in the article, some decks might get an early prize lead against you - Voltorb is one of those reasons. But it really doesn't matter, anything with Yanmega will have hard time as long as you keep N:ng them. If they manage to get the Magnezone up before you are able to N them, you must concentrate on hitting Magnezones. Magnezone gives you quite a lot trouble because of its Metal Resistance but there are 2 ways out of this.
    1) Ruins of Alph to get rid of the resistance
    2) Play Kyurem heavy deck

    In most areas I don't think MegaJudge is a real threat because Typhlosions are running wild and that's why I didn't add those in to the article. I hope that gave you some insight!

    AmalioO: Great points there! I fully agree with you.

    Shun: Durant really is problematic ut of course we don't know yet if it will ever become a metagame deck. And in fact, I have Durant article coming up in the next week! I've tested it against this deck as well and you're right, this deck is so heavily decking itself out that Durant is near to an autoloss even with a perfect play. However, Juniper is a must in this deck and with Super Rods and N's you will never deck out if you play them wisely.

    One good addition would be Revive. That way you can get the only Kyurem back from the discard pile. But as I stated earlier, it may even pe prudent to run a heavier Kyurem line if your metagame is full of Reshirams.

    Thanks for all the great comments and questions! I'm happy to answer if you have any more comments!

  7. I saw a list on Pokebeach including Terrakion and Heatmor, both which are very good techs against other new/popular decks. Terrakion gives Zekrom and Magnezone hell, in addition to being a great revenge killer in general. Heatmor takes care of Durant, though I like Ho-oh (CL) better because instead of 2HKOing Durants it can OHKO, which is important in that match-up.

    Overall great article, but I think you should include a few more techs and focus more towards Rainbow energy, though this might be risky depending if Scizor should ever come back.

  8. I'd think a thicker water energy and kyurem line would work. Kyurem is imo more than just a tech. But anyways I scanned through this quickly so I might have missed soemthing. Gonna read it later today. :]

  9. Anonymous: We'll see if Durant will ever become metagame because there are so many fire-decks running wild at the moment. Deck like ReshiPlosion just crushes Durant, no matter how good list you have. The only thing why Rainbow Energy isn't in the main list is the 10 it incflicts when you attach it from the hand. This deck is all about 10 damages here and there and you can't afford helping your opponent to OHKO Kyurem/Cobalion with few PlusPowers. Rainbow is good but risky.

    Anonymous: Yeah, good thing you noted that you didn't read the whole article through. I mention thicker Kyurem and Water energy line a few times in the article. In fact, I mention it the first time in the first paragraph of the strategy.

  10. Finally Electrode Prime will be played.

  11. I have a Question on the rules for rainbow energy. If you use electrodes power to attach rainbows, does the pokemon take damage? Because the card says to put 1 damage counter when you attach it from the 'hand'.

  12. Anonymous: Well, if you read my article properly I said there: "You should also remember one thing – when you attack Rainbow Energy with Energymite, Rainbow energy doesn’t inflict damage to the Pokémon its attached to – how awesome is that?"

    So, no it doesn't do any damage.

  13. I still think that this deck has lots of trouble against Megajudge, TZPS and any Reshi variant. But wel will see what the format will become !

  14. earlier you have said that beartic sucks. why is cobalion better? only becouse it is basic? cobalion can not even use dce like beartic can. beartic does not have fire weakness like cobalion has and i think that that is kind of big point since reshiram is really played. beartic also hits reshirams to their weakness.
    so why cobalion>beartic? beartic is also water type so it could somehow combo with kuyrem.

  15. Anonymous: There are 2 few that really make Cobalion a very much better card.

    1) It's a basic. Yes it matters very much. You need only Collector to get it to play so you can energy accelerate it with Electrode which require PETM/Communication to get them into the play. Basic Pokémons are also so much faster that it matters more than ever in the current format. You can't enery accelerate sttage1 or stage2 Pokémons with Electrode - it just doesn't work and attaching 2 energy manually to stage1 Pokémon just doesnt' work either as we have seen from tournament results. Beartic is bad.

    2) It hits 80. That's HUGE. Cobalion can use Catcher to get easy prizes when compared to Beartic which can hit 50 damage - it can't even OHKO things like Pachi or Shaymin from the bench. 80 is also enough to OHKO things after 1-2 spread attacks from Kyurem.

    3) It can abuse Special Metal and Eviolite so it's a great tank unless you're facing a fire deck.

    It's true that Cobalion is in real problems with fire but that's why - as I already mentioned many many many times in the comments AND in the article - it's probably prudent to run 2-3 Kyurems. You have to build the deck so it can react the best against your metagame. So of course you don't run 4 Cobalions in fire heavy metagame.

    Hope that helps you understand why I don't like Beartic and I think Cobalion is SO much better.

  16. Glad you pointed it out.I should've mentioned in the tech cards of this deck. However, it by no means isn't necessary for the deck. This deck doesn't live with Twins. If yourun 2 Twins, they will just get discarded aand you aren't able to use them during the game and if you play 4 of them you end up stalling the first few turns because you can't use your Twins. And this deck can't wait for few turns to set-up.

    When it comes to Electrode decks Twins seems in theory a perfect card for the deck. But once you have played an Electrode deck you will quickly notice that it isn't that good. Too many times you have Twins in your hand before Energymite. You would want to use the Twins BEFORE the Energymite not after because you would like to search for Research Records. That's why any draw card (and especially N) is SOO much better in this deck than Twins.

    Of cours you could try Twins in this deck but I don't think it will work very well for anyone in practice even though in theorymon it works.

  17. I only want to say, that i have to say thank you. Your article leads me to an awsesome deck wich is very fun and tricky to play.

    Some of my suggestions:
    - Twins is, like you say, not so good
    - Ranbow seems good id theory, but if you are in situations when you have to attach it from your hand, 10 dmg can make the difference.
    - I think, a thicker Kyurem line is really needed if your metagame is full of Reshirams, Trainerlocks and Magenzones.
    - Kyurem and Cobalion are boss!

    But i dont have so mutch time to test. So i have a few questions:

    - I dont think that the durant matchup is so hard. You dont have to use energymite, you can easily load the attacker with NRGs from hand. And you can use N to reshuffle your deck. But... witch attacker? Kyurem for the chance of tripple K.O.? Or Cobalion to stop attacking?

    - For Zekrom and Magnezone: Do i really need landarus or is it ok with only Kyurem and Cobalion? Yanmega does only 50 to a evoilited Kyurem, so you can spread 90 in this time. I think, spread and attack stopping is enough, isnt it?

    - Zekrom: The have only one attacker most of the time, so cobalion is the best choice, isnt it?

  18. Is Interviewer's Questions not worth consideration? What am I missing? Let me know, thanks.

  19. Anonymous: Interviewer takes the questions from your deck into your hand. Why would you want to do it because you want the energy from the deck with Electrode's Power? So, can you explain how the Interviewer works in this deck. Maybe I'm missing something?

  20. Interviewer: looks at top 8, max 8 energy goes to hand, no attach

    Electrode: looks at top 7, attach max 7 energy to any, opponent gets prize

    I guess Electrode wins since it's more direct. Is there any way IQ is useful in any deck?

  21. hi The Deck out, i like Cobalion so i played it for several games.
    i have a couple of questions for you:

    - what do you think about a Shaymin in the deck? It worked wonder for me.
    You can use it to move around sp metals between cobalions and other nice tricks. Since i'm using it i'm not going back.

    - Kyurem is against fire, of course. But how exactly? Outrage hits for 40 and they still have access to pluspower and can ohko Kyurem with it (excluding eviolite). A smart Reshi player will never attack your kyurem directly. Reshi says thank you to glaciate since it powers up their outrage and they can wait until they can afford a 2hko on kyurem. Maybe i'm missing something but Kyurem isn't helping as much as i expected.

    Hope you can answer

  22. Anonymous: I don't think IQ is good in this. It will only disturb the deck's main idea - to get energy from the deck with Energymite.


    - Shaymin is great. In fact I had it in my early lists of this deck but sook took it away. That was because I didn't play Super Rod for some reason. But you're correct, in many situations this deck is very happy to have Shaymin in it.

    - If you want to counter Fire, you must play 2-3 Kyurems as I said in my article. you must find the balance for the amounts of Kyurem and Cobalion, which fit your metagame the best. If your metagame is full of Fire, you can always turn the things around and play 4 Kyurems. That way fire really is countered. Of course a lone Kyurem isn't enough against decks like ReshiPlosion which only have Fire attackers.

    I hope that helped!

  23. A lot of people underestimate a bunch of great basic pokemon that aren't dragons. One is the EP 24 basculin. Its attack for 1 water and 2 colorless does 80 which one shots any reshiram. Im not saying that it is better than Kyurem, but it is a notable option imho.

  24. Anonymous: The reason why Basculin isn't considered as a good counter is its HP. You can't call Basculin a fire Pokémon counter just because it OHKOs water weak Pokémons. Almost any Pokémon is able to OHKO Basculin back and in a deck that doesn't run DCEs, you need 3 energy to Basculin in order to OHKO Reshiram. In a fast format like this you can't afford attaching 3 energy to Pokémon that might kill itself. 1 Basculin may work as a tech in some decks but there is no reason to run it in here, you don't want to sacrifice Electrode just to attach energy to Basculin which will only last 1 turn. Kyurems with Eviolite can't be OHKOed and that's why it's so much better in this deck.

  25. Just sayin my friend took 18th at Fort Wayne Indiana regionals and would have placed higher, but he put the wrog # on the deck list for the basculin so he had to take them out. He was playing Kingdra/Zoroark with 2 basculin in it. Now he is using Kingdra/Cinccino with 2 basculin.

  26. Anonymous: Indeed and that's why the deck requires DCEs if you want to run Basculin(as I said in my previous answer) and that's why it doesn't fit this deck (this doesn't run DCEs).

  27. how does this do against zekrom?

  28. Anonymous: It does fairly well against Zerkom thanks to Iron Breaker. Zekrom can't affrod retreating so they wil run ot of energy very fast. If they're playing Eelektross/Eelektrik, which I'm going to make an update today, that's a whole another story.

  29. Could this deck work with klingklang bw. If your cobalion is dying you can easily move all its energies to other one, and heal it and move energies back. What do you think...?

  30. Person: If you need to move energy I suggest you run Shaymin. It's a basic so you can search it easily whenever you need it and you don't have to set-up it. Kilinklang is a stage2 Pokémon so it wouldn't work in this way because it's too slow. The damage that Pokémons in this format do that moving and healing is the way this deck should be played. Once your Cobalion or Kyurem is KOed, you should always just have a 2nd attacker ready immediately. No need or time for healing.

  31. I used a variation of this deck for my cities with a beartic in it and I was able to get 2nd place with it I really liked it a lot. Almost got first with it :(


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