Monday, August 27, 2012

BW-on Poll time! Part 2

Quality or quantity?
Hello everyone!

September is closing and so is my blog’s first entry for the 2012-2013 season, but before that I would like to hear your opinions once again for something. Week ago I asked you how should my content change next season. I must thank everyone for being active since thanks to you, it became clear to me what the main things I should concentrate on in the upcoming season are. From last poll, these 3 things were the most voted:

- More rogue articles!
- More things from Japan!
- More in-depth articles!

It’s pretty clear that what you want from my blog: high-quality content what you can’t find from anywhere else. Of course this means that I must use more time writing and making research for each entry and that’s why I make this second poll. There are two questions, so I hope you’ll pick one answer for both questions. The questions are:

- How many entries should I release per week?
- Should I use more featured writers, so I could get more entries?

Remember, more entries per week will mean less-in depth articles, while less entries per week will mean more in-depth articles. Also, featured writers may lead to the increase of quality or decrease of quality. There are always risks when it comes to featured writers.

That in mind, let me know by voting and commenting just like last time. Remember, I write for you, so I want to know what you want me to write about!


  1. Quality > Quantity.

    Featured writers are good, I'd like to read more from Kumis haha.

    1. All right!!

    2. I concur completely

  2. I think that i also want to read more from kumis xD

  3. I think what makes your site unique and very easily distinct from dozen of other sites, is that entries came from one person.

    And for the first question - I´d rather see less updates to maintain current measure of quality ;-)

  4. - How many entries should I release per week?
    1 a week is fine or one in 2 weeks. i like quality more becouse lower class articles usualy show me nothing i didnt think of myself.

    - Should I use more featured writers, so I could get more entries?
    u should if the player is of a equal level as u BUT keep it european ! Please

    Gr Patrick den Boer

  5. jj quality over quantity. i'm not to fond of featured writers, they could write their own blog.

  6. 2 to 3 Articles a week

    Just 1 Person

  7. Prefer good in depth articles and only from you, that really is wha makes ur blog unique! It would be good talk about standard and meta decks but with tech cards, I like to play consistent but with unexpected moves. Thanks and congrats for ur work!

  8. 1 good one a week is a enough. So just make a high quality piece of work, don't rush it and put it out when it is ready.

    For featured writers well you can put one every now and then like once every month or so, but I want it to be mainly you're blog.

  9. I like seeing 2 a week, maybe one about a deck or something and the other about general Pokemon?

  10. i agree quality > quantity

    for featured articles
    i think they should be players with grander prespectives:
    i nominate
    1)john roberts
    2)curtis lyon

    they all played super unique decks last season and were very succesful, 1 and 2 were national champions and kumis had his deck copied by a number of top players like ness and dylan bryan

    players who write about unusual ideas like the kling klang or kumis.deck are more interesting than reading the same jargon on every other analyze site (we know zekeels and darkrai is good already)

  11. Like everyone else said quality > quantity.

    Featured writers are good, get some perspective :)

  12. I like in-depth articles about once a week but just u wrting its what keeps ur blog unique

  13. I'm a little confused about something on your poll. The bottom option is keep front page available for everyone. Is there something exclusive in the front page? Thanks.


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