Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Re-booting The Deck Out for BW-on

Hello everyone!

It’s about time to restart my blog, don’t you think? In the past few week I’ve been chilling (in fact, I’ve been working the whole time), but at least I’ve chilling off blog. As you have noticed, I’ve asked your opinion about a lot of things considering the next season of my blog. I must thank every and each one of you for answering my questions and giving me your precious opinion. That has helped me greatly with renewing my blog for this season.

First, I asked you what kind of content you would like to read from my blog. The answers were what I expected: things from Japan, in-depth quality articles and of course rogue articles. Second, I asked you how many articles you think is enough per week and if I should have more featured writers. I’m very happy that almost everyone appreciated quality over quantity and the main consensus was 1-2 articles per week. That is manageable for me while maintaining the high quality of the articles (even without featured writers!). I was very happy when I heard that most of you were satisfied with one quality article per week. However, there was a big yes to occasional and even monthly featured writers as well.

This is where this entry comes in. I’m in a need of high-quality featured writers. I think I’ll have a quest writer each month or every other month. I’m not quite sure about the amount yet, but I know I need more. Of course, I’ll first ask help from my fellow Finnish players (including Kumis), but I know I need you guys also. So, if you’re interested in writing to the front page of The Deck Out shoot me with an e-mail to: thedeckout@gmail.com

Since I know that what makes my blog special is that most of things are discussed from my (subjective) point of view, I won’t be having too many featured writers. However, if you’re interested in writing to The Deck Out, here are the things I hope from you and your article:

- The topic of the article is timeless and interesting
- The topic of the article creates discussion (and maybe even criticism)
- No theorymon – your own experiences
- You’ll be able to write the article, you promised to write

What I DON’T expect from you (what most other sites do):

- Perfect grammar (you know how my grammar is since I’m Finnish so I can’t expect more from you)
- Accomplishments of any kind in Pokémon TCG

So, if you’re interested, let me know!

As for my articles, first entry considering BW-on, will be released tomorrow, so be sure to check it out!


  1. Looking forward to your future blogs! Keep up the great work!

  2. Great to hear this! Can't wait for some more content on your blog :)

  3. if my high school homework amount lightens up, i may be able to write an article in November.

  4. hi, i am a new player and would like to ask a few questions: firstly, where does pokemon tcg stands right now? i mean, is it more successful than before,or not? because i heard that some people are quitting the game because of the "no top cut for battle roads". also, is the unlimited format being used nowadays for competitive play, or not? finally, if it is possible, could you post a decklist that contains mewtwo EX? my friend desperately needs a decklist but cannot find one good enough because he needs the deck to be almost pure psychic. sorry for all the sudden questions and requests, but as new players, we need a stepping stone from an experienced player. Thank you for your time and keep posting because your blog is excellent!

    1. "no top cut BRs" this mostly applies for North America, other zones have the choice to run tops at BRs or not, and BRs just started so it is too soon to conclude anything about quitting the game.

      Unimited is almost never used because there are broken combos that makes you win at the first turn of the game.

      Your question is too vague, but this blog already has great resources about how Mewtwo EX was good in the past, I suggest to look at them and try to apply the given decklists in the current format.

    2. thank you for the help, Esa! I appreciate it!

  5. I can write you a Sawk article:)

  6. You are the God of noobs, I´m glad to see that fact and watching how tired you are of your fame, why? Just because somebody use some kind of deck, beat you and he even didn´t know who you are, is funny, big LOL. You want fame, get it playing. This post you made is the reason of that, no more articles afther worlds, with some excuse "wow you want help? come on and make some articles", you have good articles but some pro-players don´t want do that. They have their fame playing, not doing that. Why you don´t make movies like J-Wittz? Or top cut? Be famous man! LOL


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