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Featured Writer: Anna Schipper and the Nationals winning Eelektrik!

The perfect metagame counter
Hi everyone!

Today, I’m glad I can offer you something very innovative and at the same time competitive content. I asked the just-crowned National Champion of the Netherlands – Anna Schipper if I could write an article about her Nationals winning deck. Well, instead of me writing the article, she offered to write the article by herself! And to be honest, I think it’s better that way. She is the expert with her deck and I wouldn’t have been able to give you as thorough analysis of the deck as she can.

Something about the quality of the deck tells the fact that I was very interested in it even though it was an Eelektrik variant. As you may know, I have dreaded Eelektrik as long as it has been available in the metagame, but even I could imagine myself playing this deck. It only means the deck is top-notch and that you would be fool to not test it.

Also, even though we live in different countries, I have played against Anna TWICE in the Worlds Championships, so I know how good player she really is. Our Worlds matches are tied 1-1. Too bad that we can't face each other this year as Anna isn't going to Worlds! Anyways, I let Anna take it from here. Enjoy the article!    

Hello everyone!


For those of you who don't know me, my name is Anna Schipper, and I've been playing Pokémon competitively for a long time, since 2001, I suppose... I won Dutch Nationals in 2005, and since then I've made the top cut at our Nationals every year.

Last year, I played Eelektrik/Zekrom/Mewtwo EX at Nationals, and lost in de top 8 to Mattijs with his Celebi/Tornadus/Mewtwo EX deck after 2 close games, and a not-so-close third one ;) But I fell in love with that deck, and basically I've been playing Eelektrik variants ever since. In Fall Regionals I made top 8 with a build, realised the deck would be so much better if I added Bouffalant, and made top 4 with a new build with Bouffalant (losing to Empoleon in the T4). For Cities, I changed decks to Blastoise/Keldeo, and although I made the top cut a few times, it was never quite my deck. For Spring Regionals, I decided to shift back to Eelektrik, and made a new list with 3 Bouffalant, 2 Mewtwo EX and 2 Tornadus EX. I took it to the biggest Regionals in The Netherlands, and to my huge surprise I ended up winning the entire tournament!

For Nationals, I desperately wanted to keep playing Eels, since I know the deck so well, and I believe for such a large tournament, you should play what you're most comfortable with. However, the build with 3 Bouffalant, 2 Mewtwo EX and 2 Tornadus EX had terrible match-ups against both Darkrai/Absol and Plasma... I tried to make it work, but somehow I kept losing close games because Bouffalant was not good enough against Absol and Kyurem, the non-EX attackers in both decks.

I was ready to drop the deck altogether and take up Blastoise/Keldeo again, until I realised the best Pokémon to take on Plasma Kyurem and the new Absol... Zekrom from Black & White. It was so simple that I was surprised I hadn't thought of it before. Zekrom does Bolt Strike for 120, KOing Absol, and with Pluspower I would be able to KO Kyurem... Only there is a card which is much better than Pluspower in the current format: Hypnotoxic Laser. I decided to completely alter my list to fit 4 Hypnotoxic Laser in, and started testing my new Eels build... And to my huge surprise, it worked!

Zekrom KO'ed Kyurem and Absol, and Bouffalant swept the EX'es. The Lasers added the extra damage I needed for any Pokémon under 150 HP. However, the best addition to this deck was Zekrom EX. Zekrom EX does 150 damage with its second attack, and when you have 2 Eelektrik out, it is possible to charge Zekrom EX in 1 turn with 2 Dynamotors and 1 DCE. Add a Laser + a Virbank, and you can OHKO every EX that is played... And usually not getting KO'ed in return, meaning you can KO another EX, taking 4 prize cards with 1 Pokémon. The deck worked, although I had not settled on a final list yet. I tried Eelektross, because it is awesome as a surprise card, and it works really well in the Gothitelle match-up (you can drag off their basics and KO them), but I had my doubts about the card.

The Friday before Nationals, I did some last minute play-testing with David (Booij) and I figured Mr Mime would be awesome in this deck, so I dropped the Max Potion for Mr Mime. I added an extra Supporter, changed my Bianca's to Colress (which is MUCH better in the current format, because so many decks play with a full bench), and basically the deck ran really well. The only deck I kept losing to was Gothitelle, because my deck was too slow to outspeed them. I debated between Eelektross for the Gothitelle match-up and a 4th Catcher. In the end, an hour before the tournament, I decided that I would forsake the Gothitelle match-up, and go for consistency in other match-ups, and dropped the Eelektross for a 4th Catcher. That was an awesome decision, because I ended up facing zero Gothitelle decks, and the 4th Catcher helped me out immensely.


The list



4x Tynamo (Thunder Wave)
3x Eelektrik
3x Zekrom BW
2x Bouffalant (Gold Breaker)
1x Zekrom EX
1x Keldeo EX
1x Mr Mime



4 Professor Juniper
4x N
3x Colress
2x Skyla
4x Ultra Ball
4x Hypnotoxic Laser
4x Pokémon Catcher

2x Level Ball
2x Float Stone
2x Virbank City Gym
1x Switch
1x Super Rod
1x Dowsing Machine



7x Lightning
4x DCE


The cards


3 Zekrom

I wasn't sure about the Zekrom/Bouffalant split, it could have been 3/2 or 2/3. In the end, I decided to go for 3 Zekrom, because it can be used a wall if you can't attack for a turn, for whatever reason. It's difficult to OHKO if you've not done a Bolt Strike. Zekrom is mainly used to OHKO Absol and Kyurem, but can be used against any non-EX Pokémon your opponent has. Over the course of the tournament, it was also really good against Sableye (with Bouffalant you'd need a Laser to KO it) and Cobalion NVI. Technically, you could Catcher Blastoise or Klinklang to KO it with Zekrom + Laser, but in reality, you just wanna KO their attackers, not their supporting Pokémon.


2 Bouffalant

I'm a huge fan of this card! 120 damage to an EX for 1 lightning and 1 DCE is amazing. Two Gold Breakers, and you KO any of your opponent's EX's. Obviously, Zekrom and Bouffalant are the main attackers in this deck (depending on the Pokémon your opponent uses), and it's amazing that they're both non-EX's. Often you can play a game where you force your opponent to take 6 prize cards KOing 6 Pokémon, which doesn't happen a lot anymore!

1 Zekrom EX

Just 1, because you don't want to start with it. It's used to sweep and if possible, take your last 4 prize cards with. Strong Volt + Laser + Virbank = 180 damage, enough to KO virtually all EX cards.


1 Keldeo EX

In this deck, you have to assume that your attacking Pokémon (Zekrom and Bouffalant) will be KO'd every single turn. Obviously, Dynamotor only works on the bench, so you need Pokémon with free retreat to put up when your Zekrom/Bouffalant is KO'd. Then you can Dynamotor, attach for your turn, and attack again. I used to play Sky Arrow for this, but with Virbank in the deck, Keldeo EX is needed. Keldeo EX is also used to get rid of poison from your opponent's Lasers.


1 Mr Mime

I used to play Max Potion to heal 60 damage from an Eelektrik, but when you play this card, that's no longer needed. Mr Mime is awesome in this format. Darkrai is pretty plain when it can only do 90 damage to the active, and Plasma Kyurem can no longer make 2 KO's at the same time. I didn't face any Landorus EX, but it would be great in that game as well. Basically, you need to protect your Eels, and Mr Mime does it for you.

I think the Trainer cards are pretty self-explanatory.

13 Supporter cards for consistency, although maybe a 14th one would be better, if I could find space. I used to play 4 Juniper, 4 N, 2 Bianca, 1 Skyla, 2 Random Receiver, but Colress is too good in this format, and the lack of Random Receiver gives you more supporters late game (playing a RR is basically playing 2 supporters, although it increases your chances of a T1 Juniper). I'm not too sure about the Skyla's. They're not so good early game, but they are a huge help late game when you need that last Catcher or Laser to take your last prize card(s), so I'd probably keep them in. There are not too many draw supporters you could use instead, anyway.

4 Ultra Ball are used to discard Lightning Energies and to search Pokémon, both early and late game. Level Ball is for early Tynamo's and Eelektriks, and can also be used to search for Mr Mime. I used to play 3, but needed to cut one to fit in the Lasers. 4 Hypnotoxic Laser and 4 Pokémon Catcher are self-explanatory. These cards win you games, and should be played in maximum quantities. 2 Float Stone is to get 1 on Keldeo EX, and 1 on a random Pokémon, in case Keldeo EX gets KO'd. Alternatively, you can save the 2nd Float Stone if you suspect your opponent plays Tool Scrapper (not a lot of decks play 1, but Blastoise might) so you can play the 2nd Float Stone after the first gets discarded. Virbank City Gym is for the extra poison damage, obviously. 1 Switch is there to function as an out when your Keldeo gets Catcher'ed up and Laser'd asleep (or when it's prized...). I would like to fit 1 more in, because Switch is amazing in this format filled with poison and sleep, but I couldn't find the space. Super Rod is needed, because sometimes you need to discard your Zekrom EX or Eels with Juniper instead of benching it. Also, depending on the game, you need a 3rd or 4th Bouffalant, or more Zekroms. Dowsing Machine is the Ace Spec, giving you so many options... A 5th Laser, a 5th Catcher, a Juniper when you don't have one in your hand, a second Switch. It's amazing in this deck.



The match-ups


Darkrai EX/Absol: 55/45

This is a match-up that can go either way. I usually don't bother about keeping my bench small, since they often KO your Pokémon with a bench with 3 Pokémon as well (with Laser and Dark Claw). The ideal bench is 2 Eels, 1 Mr Mime, 1 Keldeo EX and 1 Zekrom. It's fairly simple; you use Zekrom to KO their Absol's, and your Bouffalant to KO Darkrai. If possible, you can OHKO their Darkrai with Zekrom EX + Laser. If they don't massively outspeed you in the first few turns, KOing all your Tynamo's, it's definitely winnable.

Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Kyurem: 50/50

This match-up usually plays out the same. They start aggressively, you KO their Pokémon with energy, and in the end, they run out of speed and energies, if you can keep up. Then you can sweep with Zekrom and Zekrom EX.

Blastoise: 50/50

When they start, they usually put up a Keldeo EX while using Tropical Beach. If possible, you can do 120 with Bouffalant T2, putting the first damage on the board. If they're really fast, this can get tricky, but usually it's enough to keep using Bouffalant and Zekrom until you KO 3 EX's. They OHKO everything, but can only take 1 prize card at a time. You 2HKO, but take 2 prize cards. In the end, if you're faster, you usually win.


Klinklang: 80-20

Your Zekrom OHKO's their Cobalion. Your Bouffalant 2HKO's their Cobalion EX. It's a near auto-win.

Gothitelle: 30-70

I hate playing against Gothitelle, with whichever deck. If they get set-up, you lose. Sadly, this deck is not too fast, and can't donk their basics. I have yet to figure out a good strategy, and if they get set-up (Dusknoir, Gothitelle, Float Stone), you can scoop. Your best bet is a fast Zekrom and Lasers, so you can KO their Gothita's through poison and hope you KO enough before they get the Gothitelle out.


The tournament

Round 1: Ronald with Emboar/Darmanitan

This was a Pokedad with a fun deck. He gets a T2 Darmanitan with 1 DCE and 1 fire energy, rolling 3 heads and KOing my Bouffalant, which was a bit of a scare. However, I set up Eels, and KO Darmanitan with Zekrom, and then a bunch of Tepigs and Emolga's with Outrage. I never saw an Emboar, thankfully.



Round 2: Ivo with Eelektrik/Rayquaza EX/Mewtwo EX

Yeah, another Eels deck! I start with a lone Tynamo, and he opens Mewtwo EX, but luckily I get to go first. I get a decent start, but so does he, with 2 T2 Eels. However, my Lasers give his Mewtwo's enough damage so I can set them up for OHKO's would Bouffalant and Zekrom. It turns out his 2 Rayquaza EX are both prized. In the end, I manage to KO 3 Mewtwo EX with Zekrom, Lasers and Zekrom EX, while he can only take 1 prize card for Zekrom, and he can't OHKO Zekrom EX without his Rayquaza.



Round 3: Erik with Durant/Klingklang

Erik is a casual player from my league, and somehow he'd managed to go 2-0 with his Durant deck! Pretty cool. Sadly for him, Zekrom is great against Durant. I got a T2 Zekrom and used Bolt Strike twice, and the Outrage 4 times to KO 6 Durants.



Round 4: Manuel with Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Black Kyurem EX

I go first, and get a decent start, I think Bouffalant + DCE. He is forced to use Computer Search for a 2nd Squirtle, and uses Tropical Beach. I use Gold Breaker on his Keldeo. He plays a Blastoise and Catchers my Zekrom EX, and does 110 damage with Keldeo EX. I use Laser + Glinting Claw to KO Keldeo EX. He sends up Black Kyurem EX, and plays N. My Zekrom EX has 70 damage left, and he only draws 3 energies off his N, so he can only attack me for 60, leaving my Zekrom EX with 10 HP left. Unlucky for him. I draw, Rush In with Keldeo EX, Dynamotor twice, play Laser, and OHKO his Black Kyurem EX. He has nothing, so he scoops.



Round 5: Tim with Darkrai EX/Absol

I have a start without Supporters once again, but luckily I topdeck a Juniper T2, making this a real game. We're both fairly slow to set-up, and my Keldeo EX is prized, which is really frustrating since he keeps flipping heads on his Lasers. I use Zekrom for his Absols, and Bouffalant for his Darkrais, but I can't get my Zekrom EX out. In the end, he has 1 prize card left to my 2. He's got a damaged Darkrai on the bench which I can KO. I've got the Catcher in my hand, so I can win the next turn... Until he plays Hypnotoxic Laser... HEADS. He passes. I roll for sleep... TAILS. Lame. Without Keldeo EX, I am forced to pass, and he can KO something for his last prize card. This was an amazing, really close game though, which could've gone either way!



Round 6: Gawein with Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Kyurem/Snorlax/Landorus

He starts Thundurus, and I can get 90 damage on it through Laser + Virbank without even attacked. He gets a T3 Plasma Landorus to start KOing my Zekroms and Bouffalants. I struggle to get anything going, and figure I'm going to lose. Somehow though, he loses steam mid-game, and I can make a come-back. I KO the Landorus with Zekrom + Laser (Landorus has resistance to lightning). He gets a Snorlax with 2 DCE and 1 other energy to KO my Zekrom. I have another Zekrom ready, with another Laser, to KO the Snorlax. That removes all of his energies from play, so he is forced to attack with Thundurus EX. I can KO that with Zekrom EX, I think, and I have 2 prizes left, while he's got a Thundurus EX on the bench with 90 damage from the poison from turns 1 and 2. I have a Skyla in my hand and a Catcher left in my deck, so I can win on the next turn... Until he plays Hypnotoxic Laser... HEADS. He passes. I sigh. This is exactly like the last game. I have no Keldeo EX in play, and if I roll tails, I'll lose the game. I roll for sleep... HEADS. Phew... I wake up, play the Catcher and KO his Thundurus EX for my last 2 prizes.



Round 7: Elmer with Klingklang

We're both pretty relaxed, as it's fairly certain we've both made the Top 16 at this point. I get a good start, he gets a decent start, but my Zekroms and Bouffalants are too much for him to keep up with. I win fairly easy.


So, I finished 6-1 day 1, which was pretty amazing for me, not at all what I'd expected when I decided to play this deck! We hand in our decks, and go back to the hotel. The organisation was amazing, and we'd finished the 7 Swiss rounds before 5 PM!

We have dinner, playtest some more, but I'm actually exhausted, so I'm in bed before 11 PM ;) I wake up feeling quite relaxed and confident!


Top 16: Ravinesh with Darkrai EX/Hydreigon

Game 1: I have an awesome start, with a Zekrom + Virbank + Laser + DCE turn 1, and I can KO 2 Deino in the first 2 turns (with poison). He doesn't get anything set-up, and I sweep the field with Zekrom and Bouffalant.

Game 2: I have the worst opening hand ever... I have a few Pokémon, but no supporters, and it's not until my 4th turn that I draw an N. I struggle to get Eels set-up, and he gets Hydreigon out with multiple Max Potions. In the end, I do manage to get back to 2-2 in prizes, and then he plays down Shaymin EX. He plays Computer Search, but his last Catcher is prized, so he can't KO my Keldeo EX on the bench. This gives me one final turn to win (I would need a Bouffalant to KO his Shaymin EX). I Juniper for 7, but no Bouffalant or Ultra Ball. I try Laser to make his Shaymin EX asleep, but he wakes up going into his turn, so I lose.

Game 3: This is basically a repeat of game 1. I get a decent set-up, and he doesn't draw anything. I think this game took like 6 turns, and he didn't see a single supporter card...


Top 8: no one!

On Saturday, before the top 16, 3 players dropped, leaving us with a top 16 with only 13 players... On Sunday morning, before day 2 started, one of the opponents of one of the dropped players was disqualified for a problem with his sleeves, leaving one match without players and a winner. The dropped player was advanced to the top 8, but since he'd dropped, he was registered as a no-show, and I received the win. Really strange...


Top 4: Elmer with Klingklang

Game 1: I'm feeling pretty confident, since Klingklang is an autowin for my deck... Or so I thought :P He goes first, and Junipers away 2 Candy's, a Max Potion and 1 Klinklang. He gets a T3 Klinklang, but whiffs on energies. I get a great set-up, and sweep through his Klings, Cobalions and finally Coballion EX for my 6 prizes.

Game 2: He gets an amazing set-up, while I struggle to get attackers going. He gets a fast Cobalion EX, which sweeps through my Zekroms and Bouffalants. I'm too slow, and can't keep up, especially since he uses 2 Max Potion in combination with Klingklang BW. In the end, I scoop for more time in the 3rd game. Never thought I'd lose to Klinklang, but apparently, that's possible, heh.

Game 3: Once again, I get a good start, and he struggles to get anything going. I draw 4 pretty fast prizes, so I'm feeling confident. He gets back in the game with a Cobalion EX, but by then it's too late, and I can KO it for my last 2 prizes.


Top 2: Mees with Darkrai EX/Absol

Game 1: He gets a good start, with a T1 Juniper . I start lone Tynamo... He played Virbank + Laser, and passes. I have a Skyla, which normally I would've played for a supporter, but my Tynamo would get KO'd after my turn, and I needed a second Pokémon. I play Skyla for Ultra Ball, and get a Keldeo EX. He catchers my Tynamo and KO's it. I draw a Level Ball and search for a new Tynamo. I have Dowsing Machine, and I'm forced to play it for Skyla to search for a Juniper.  He catchers the Tynamo and KO's it. I can finally play Juniper turn 3, but by then, he's got a field full of energies. I manage to make a come-back, but in the end, he takes the first game.

Game 2: We both have slow starts, and that's basically all I remember from this game... I take 6 prize cards though, and somehow I win, although I can't remember the specifics :P

Game 3: He has a rubbish start, and is forced to N for the first few turns, not being able to get a Juniper. I do 30 damage to a Darkrai EX with a Laser, and he retreats for Sableye. He gives me decent hands with those N's, and I get set-up. I take the first prize on his Sableye, and then the stupidest thing happens. He N's, but he doesn't get another Pokémon or an Ultra Ball, and is forced to pass with a lone Darkrai EX with 30 damage... I have a Bouffalant on the bench with 2 DCE's, 1 Eelektrik, 1 Tynamo and a Zekrom EX with 1 energies, but only 1 lightning in the discard pile. I need to do 150 damage, and then I win, since he doesn't have any other Pokémon. I know I can do 150 with Zekrom if I get a second Eelektrik and a lightning in the discard. AND I MISPLAY LIKE WHOA. I have a Dowsing Machine and 2 Lightning in my hand. The correct play would have been: Dowsing Machine with 1 Lightning and 1 random card for Ultra Ball, Ultra Ball for Eelektrik, 2 Dynamotors, attach 1 energy from hand, Bolt Strike for 150 damage. Instead, I play Dowsing Machine WITH BOTH LIGHTNING ENERGIES. I get Ultra Ball. Then I realise that I discarded both energies in my hand, leaving me 1 energy short... I sigh in frustration. I play the Ultra Ball for Eelektrik, and then play Colress for 5. If I draw an energy, I can still make the play. I don't draw the energy. ONLY THEN DO I REALISE THAT I HAD A BOUFFALANT ON THE BENCH AND A VIRBANK IN PLAY. If I'd played the Dowsing Machine for a Laser, I would've won with the Bouffalant + Laser = 150 damage as well... I was so focused on the Zekrom EX, that I completely forgot about the Laser + Bouffalant combination... Wow. I felt really, really stupid. Long story short, I can't KO his lone Darkrai, giving him more turns. He plays another N, and gets all the basics he needs. He gets energies in play, but I have a great field, and keep KOing his Absols. I have 2 prize cards left, he's got 3. He still has the Darkrai with 150 damage on his bench. He plays a Catcher on my Keldeo EX, N's me to 2 and KO's Keldeo EX. If I draw Catcher, I win. I draw an N. I play N, draw 2 cards, and one of them is a Catcher. I play the Catcher on his damaged Darkrai and WIN THE TOURNAMENT!

Dutch National Champion once again! And with a deck that no one had predicted would win a National Championship, so all in all, this was pretty amazing. Everyone applauds, I shake like a million hands, and I'm the happiest person in the room ;)

I have much, much more to say about this deck and the current format and everything, but I'll stop here, since I'm nearly at 4000 words ;) I would like to thank Bas, Bert, Danilo, David, Felix, Joris and Paula for playtesting with me and for the awesome Nationals weekend. Joris also won Nationals in the Junior division with his Plasma deck, and David made top 4 in Masters with his Plasma deck, so congrats to them too!

Questions, suggestions, whatever, I'd love to hear them. Also if you're looking for an original deck to play at Worlds, please think of this deck! It's good enough to win a Nationals, so I'm hoping it's good enough for Worlds as well! Sadly, I won't be going to Vancouver. I never thought I'd win Nationals this year, so I already planned my vacation in the final 2 weeks of August, since I'm going to be moving to a new apartment then. I couldn't shift my vacation to the first 2 weeks of August anymore, and I couldn't get the time off work, so sadly I can't take my favourite deck to Worlds this year... Here's to hoping there won't be a rotation, so I can keep playing this deck next year, haha!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Esa’s note: Remember to leave any comments, I’m sure Anna is eager to answer each and every one of your’s questions.


  1. Congrats :9 And I am gonna start playtesting this. Have Nationals next week and haven't decided which deck to run

    1. You should, it's an awesome deck ;)

    2. Yeah, Eels can do big once again! Thank you for this victory, i started to believe more in this deck.

    3. Just wondering, why you didn't play 2 keldeo? I think they should improve your Goth and Snorlax match-up

    4. You're right, 2 Keldeo EX should improve the Goth and Snorlax match-ups. It's just that I believe Keldeo EX is a supporting Pokémon (although an important one!) and I felt weird playing more than 1. But it might be a good idea to take out the 1 Switch (or possibly something else, although I have no idea what...) for a 2nd Keldeo.

  2. Congrats on playing a deck with such originality! I think everybody forgot about Eels (except for in Rayeels) and everybody just laughed at Zekrom EX.. until now. Thumbs up for going all the way with your favourite deck!
    I saw you played no tool scrapper so you weren't worried about Garbodor?

    1. Garbodor is nearly non-existant in the Dutch meta.
      Which was the main reason i think.

      Also grats Anna. Too bad we couldn't play in the top 8.

    2. Thank you!

      No, I wasn't worried about Garbodor. I was expecting a lot of Plasma w/ Kyurem, so Landorus EX would've been a bad play at Nationals. Theoretically, people could've played Mewtwo EX/Garbodor, but that would still have a bad match-up against Plasma (with Deoxys EX). All in all, I think there was 1 Garbodor in the entire tournament.

      Also, I really really dislike playing Toolscrapper, as it's a useless card 90% of the time. It's really good the other 10%, but for me, not worth the space :)

    3. Metagames can vary quite dramatically so that makes sense. Looks like no matter what was being played you made the right deck choice. I almost feel bad for not having more faith in Eels and Zekrom :) congrats again*

  3. Wow! Amazing deck idea! I really hope nobody at my local league reads this article :P

  4. bouffa \o/

    finally some decent english writing on this blog

  5. Wait, Anna won nats so if I'm not mistaken wouldn't that mean she gets a free trip to worlds? Why wouldn't she go if she already has a free trip?

    1. If you had read the final paragraph of the article, you would've seen that I had already planned my vacation for the summer... I never imagined I'd win Nationals and win a free trip. And since I'm going to move to a new appartment this summer, and I couldn't get more free days off from my full-time job, I sadly can't go to Vancouver :(

    2. I'm going to go to your country from America, steal you,and take you to worlds. Just a warning :P.

      By the way, would it be alright if I use this idea? I'd like to make my own changes, of course.

    3. Haha, thanks for the heads up! ;)

      Of course! Please, I would love it if more people started using this deck, because I feel it has a lot of potential! And of course you should try your own version of the list! That always works better than just copying someone else's list :)

  6. Great article, but I've already found my perfect eels lists thanks to this eqaully great article:

    Your list is good, but the insight you get from that article is better.

    1. IMO, Ray/Eels and Eels/DCE/attackers are two completely different decks. I've tried Ray/Eels at the ECC and went 3-5, and I'm still kicking myself that I didn't just play Eels/DCE/attackers. I don't like playing Ray/Eels, but obviously I love the Eels/DCE/attackers ;)

    2. You need to learn some manners and not use someone else's article to advertise one on another site.

      You also need to learn the difference between Rayeels and Zekeels, which should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.

      Rude AND ignorant is not a good combination.

    3. Funny. It may take half a brain to tell the difference between ZekEels and RayEels, but it takes the other half to realize that they are both the same deck just different variants.

    4. Those decks have entirely different game plans. Saying they're the same deck is like saying Blastoise and Darkrai are the same deck. After all, both run Keldeo and some form of Energy acceleration.

    5. But they don't run the same form of energy acceleration, nor the type itself.
      Eels will always focus on eels no matter who the attackers are.

    6. Eels/Zekrom/DCE has a completely different strategy, though. You can keep your energy in play, which means that you can actually play through most of the game with only 1 Eel, although obviously you want 2 out. RayEels can NEVER function with only 1 Eel.

      The strategy when playing against RayEels is to KO their Eels. If you do this against my deck, I will smile and KO you right back with the Pokémon with energy you have just allowed me to keep in play. I am thrilled when people start KOing my Eels mid-game, because it's a huge misplay, IMO.

      Eels/Zekrom/DCE and RayEels decks are as different as speed Darkrai and Darkrai/Hydreigon. Both focus on the same Pokémon, but both are hugely different in strategy.

  7. Just FYI, the list above shows 60 cards but the count is 61. The trainers section has 34 not 35 listed.

  8. Congrats on winning nats, to bad your not going to worlds, but hey, at least you won, even if you were suprised about winning, remember, someones got to win and you were just that person this time.

  9. Finnaly someone else thinks of elektross! I was testing him way back in BW-DRX with devolution spray, but that didn't go well. Congrads!

  10. Excellent Article! Ive been testing this deck today! it does work well and has me reminiscing about my old ZekEels Deck! I'm very happy the Metagame allows this the deck to creep back in! Thankyou Kyurem PLS and Keldeo EX ! haha

    Congrats on the win! All the best

    1. P.S Brilliant job on the Build! I think you've got it nailed. The way it has the pokemon working as a team is great! Two Eels benched with Mr Mime protecting them... Keldeo FS for getting the energy on your attackers and relieving special conditions and switching!! Reppin Zekrom EX ! Boom

    2. Thank you! I was really, really happy with the list. I would like to find space for 1 more Supporter and 1 more Switch, but I have no idea what to take out. So all in all, I think I would stick with this list, and not change a single card if I could redo the tournament :)

  11. I actually think that the Absol/Darkrai Match up should be reconsidered as by the looks of it, Absol/Darkrai was the only deck that knocked the crap out of you during the entire Nationals so I think the match up is more 50/50 or 45/55 (Your deck and Absol/Darkrai respectively)

    1. I went 2-2 against Darkrai in this tournament, so "knocked the crap out of you" is slightly exaggerated ;) But while testing, I found that it's slightly in my favour, because they have no way to OHKO my Zekrom EX, while I can OHKO their Darkrai late game (early game as well, but that doesn't happen often, obviously ;)) I would rather play against Darkrai than Plasma, because Darkrai is often a turn slower in attacking. That's why I believe it's 55/45, since you can definitely outplay them mid to late game.

  12. Congrats Anna. I tested this deck together with darkrai becouse i had the cards for these decks and i found darkrai to be a stronger play for the goth/gor matchup and the snorlax. But than i had the crazy idea too play shaymin/coffagrigus xD A well round 7 agains david my deck decided too stop working and missed top... Have a good vacation and see u next season !


  13. Can't say I'm not surprised about you avoiding donks the entire tournament. But congratulations on winning a Nationals.

    1. I did start lone Tynamo twice, but was allowed to go first those 2 games :)

  14. Not to take away from your win but you've had the easiest matchups i've ever seen for a nationals. you only played vs 1 Plasma deck... arguably your worst matchup.

    1. It's not the worst matchup, als Matijs points out, and Gothitelle is terrible as well.

      If you actually tested the list, you'd find that Plasma is actually a pretty decent match-up. It really was 50/50 in my testing.

      You're right though, I was terribly lucky with my pairings this tournament. I did win the 1 match vs Plasma, though, so more evidence that it's not my worst matchup :P

    2. I can't see you consistently beating a plasma list that's played by someone who doesn't charge up snorlax.. You need a lazer + zekrom every time you want to KO a kyurem... or a zekrom EX (which you only play once) That, combined with the fact that plasma starts attacking on the first turn should make it a terrible matchup for you.

      Gothitelle and Snorlax are even worse, i agree with that though.

    3. I didn't say I was "consistently beating" Plasma, I said it's 50/50, and it really is.

      You play 4 Laser + 3 Zekrom, and the chances of getting both out are significant. Your advantage is that you can charge a Zekrom every single turn, while they can't possible charge a Kyurem every turn. This forces them to attack with Thundurus EX after a few turns, giving you the option of taking 2 prizes with your Zekrom EX.

      I agree, it's not the best match-up, but if you tested it like I did, you will find it's 50/50.

  15. No worst matchup for this list is Quad Snorlax, and yes it was played :D

    1. i agree that is your worst mach up:)

    2. Absolutely, I played that yesterday at League, and lost 0-2. It wasn't even close :P

      Luckily I avoided that deck on Saturday ;)

  16. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I've been testing this for weeks, and now everyone knows about it. >:O I guess it's cool to see that this deck works pretty well. Well enough to win a Nationals, that is.

    Awesome report, too. My list doesn't have Bouffalant, and has 2 Zekrom EX and 2 Keldeo EX. I'll be sure to try Bouffalant out. 2 Keldeo should fix the Gothitelle match up.

    1. I'm sorry! :P

      2 Keldeo should help in the Gothitelle matchup, you're right. I decided to forsake the Gothitelle matchup because I believed it wouldn't be played a lot (luckily I was right :P), but if you're scared of Gothitelle, you should definitely test 2 Keldeo :)

      I found that 2 Zekrom EX isn't needed, because the one you have rarely gets OHKO'd. On top of that, you don't want to start with it, and you only need it late game, so I preferred playing 3 regular Zekrom instead. What makes this deck so great is the fact that it only gives up 1 prize most of the time, and playing more than 1 Zekrom EX reduces that advantage.

      I hope you find that Bouffalant works as great for you as it has for me!

  17. how could you play this deck with an omnipresent fighting weakness with so much lanodrus ex aroudnthis days?

    1. One word:


    2. I don't know what metagame you're playing in, but Landorus EX really isn't played that much anymore... If you're playing a heavy Landorus EX deck, you're sure to autoloss against Plasma Kyurem and Blastoise/Keldeo EX. Not the right play in this format.

      Even so, Mr Mime prevents the 30 damage to the bench, and the 60 to the Active really isn't that big of a deal. They can't OHKO your Bouffalant or Zekrom even after Bolt Strike. And you 2HKO them at any rate and take 2 prize cards.

    3. I know about mime. The thing is that they catcher and hammerhead your tynamos for the ko or catcher eelektrik vribank+laser and its a ko as well.
      Plasma is running lansorus ex as a tech thats the reason I ask

    4. If it's used as a tech, I'm definitely not worried about it ;)

      Sure, Landorus EX can Catcher and KO a Tynamo. But a Thundurus EX or a Kyurem or basically any Pokémon can Catcher a Tynamo and OHKO it ;) So Landorus is not more difficult than any other Pokémon which can do 40/90 damage. Also, Catchering Eels is usually not a good move against this deck, because it leaves me with fully charged attackers

      I have only seen Plasma Landorus in Plasma decks, though, not a single Landorus EX...

  18. gratz on the win Anna!
    did you test registeel at all? putting 30 on 3 Ex's to get them in ohko range of zekrom ex, and bouff/zekrom with laserbank seems pretty good. just wondering about the reasons why he didn't make the cut if you did test regi

    1. Thank you! I have tested Registeel in Eels/DCE way in the beginning, when that card just came out. While it's really good to be able to do bench damage, the card is just too high maintenance. Why do 3x30, when you can do 120 to the Active?

      Also, the strength of this deck lies in the fact that you're mostly attacking with non-EX Pokémon. If you play Registeel, you're giving your opponent more EX Pokémon to KO, so technically they could KO 3 EX's for the win. You don't want that, you want to force your opponent to take only 1 prize at the time (Zekrom EX is the exception, because it's just so good at OHKOing EXs himself :))

  19. I am shocked to see that people can drop before the tops.

    This is not serious, especially for a country like Netherlands.

    1. And not just 1, but 3! I think the problem was that they were given the prizes on Saturday after dropping. If they hadn't received any prizes, they probably would've shown up on Sunday :(

    2. The reason they NO showed was because 1 of them had another national tournament. Wich he had waaaayyy more chance of winning cause his topcut match would have been a 90/10 matchup not in his favor.

      The other two were from leeuwarden and didn't go to a hotel. the ride decided not to drive on sunday. They did not receive prizes of topcut because of that. They only announced that they probably wouldn't make it.

      One of them I understand but the others not really, get a hotel

    3. I'm fairly certain Dennis had a dance competition, not a National Championship?

      And you are definitely misinformed about the Leeuwarden players. They talked of getting a hotel, decided against it (one was ill, and the other didn't want to go alone), and dropped. They definitely received their prizes on Saturday.

    4. That dance competition was a national dance competition. Rob was going there as well. At least Dennis said it was a NK kinda thing.

  20. Anna, You were really lucky that Gawein(5th) had to much of bad luck. He played (as the only one in the tournament) the plasma Landorus, Multiple I thought. As well as some other crazy card techs like durant plasma.
    And even then so close. I think his list is the only plasma list that had a advantage against your deck. Otherwise yeah 50/50 would be kinda right.

    Also I saw this exact same list before. This list has been tested by Gawein in the gym in Utrecht and Rotterdam and he wrote an article about it in-depth. So sorry for not giving props to your deck, I've already seen it.

    Could you get that plasma deck list from Gawein as well in an article? I beleive he called it PlasmaRainbow. I've seen him play and only saw him lose on terrible prizes for anyone or a donk kinda way this whole year. Maybe he would make a nice addition to your blog? Just like how Anna and Matthijs also are great addittions to your blog. He lost top8 at nationals. Just an idea.

  21. Hello, Anna. First of all, congratulations, not only for being a genius hehe.
    I loved the idea of this deck to not depend on a lot of EXs. I'll definetely copy your deck and make my on modifications.
    Have you considered using a Raikou EX? I was talking to a friend and he liked a lot of this idea. It might be a good idea against a Garbodor or even against other Eelektrik (OHKO).
    I made a some weeks ago a deck based on Dustoxes and Ninetales, so you can have virtually much more than 4 catchers (8 to be precise, 12 if you play Devolution Spray). A Ninetales plus the 3 special conditions that Dustox provides (sleeping, poisoned and burned) plus Virbank, can OHKO virtually any pokémon, hitting 170 with Ninetales plus 30 from Virbank.
    What do you think of the idea? Would you recommend it to someone?
    Hope you answer me soon!

    Best regards!

    1. Hey! Thank you for your large reply! Sorry for my late response, I've been really busy :)

      I have considered Raikou EX, and I've played one copy in the past (back during Cities), but he just wasn't good enough, IMO. And the idea is to use as few EX's as possible, so that's why I took it out. It could be really good against Gothitelle and against Ray/Eels, though.

      A deck with Dustox and Ninetales sounds like a great fun deck! However, I think it would be too slow in this metagame... Because you have to attack twice to OHKO (first Dustox, then Ninetales). And almost every deck plays Keldeo EX to get rid of special conditions, so you would lose the sleep, poison and burned from Dustox... So unfortunately, I don't think that would work in a large tournament... At league it would be really fun to play, though! (although maybe not for your opponent, haha)


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