Monday, June 17, 2013

Comic Relief

Hello everyone!

Today I have something COMPLETELY different for you. And this time it's nothing controversial either! (boring right?) Thanks for Juho Hautala for this awesome comic strip masterpiece. I hope this comic series will become a permanent part of my blog.

Also, I'm still debating whether I am going to Worlds or not. It's a tough decision since not so many Finnish players are going to Worlds this year and it would be very boring without friends to hang out with.

I do have some very good news as well. There is a VERY high-quality quest writer coming this week as well (a fresh National Champion with the winning deck!), so look forward to it.

The article-level just keeps on developing as the season's climax is almost here and as I got kicked out from the Underground, you will be in special treat next week. I already finished my Underground article and since I won't be posting it to the Underground, it will be released in my blog. An 11,000 word article-behemoth discussing all the metagame decks for the U.S. Nationals and Worlds including some very nice game-play tips! It will be released next Monday, so keep a close eye on my blog and you will get a rare glimpse on what Underground articles usually look like.

Anyways, for now, enjoy the comic strip!


  1. I had a feeling there was something wrong with that guy the minute I looked in his eyes.

  2. Nice. I like the comic strip. Although it does suck that Adam cut you from the Underground... You always had the best articles...

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next few posts for sure.

  3. Haha, I´ve gotta make the next one with better graphics.

  4. This would be so upsetting, especially if I decided to run 4 tropical beach, and all full arts and reverses.

    Over $800 dollars down the drain. That guy would owe me the macth, all the cards from my deck, $500 in compensation money, and 12 years in prison for obstruction of private proportey

    But it is very funny, I was rolling on the ground when I read this

  5. Why were you kicked from the Underground?!?!?! You were probably one of the best writers there; you put your time in and gave VERY useful information that I think can help any player. I am very surprised that you were kicked, but hey that just means you can put the outstanding articles on your blog instead

    The strip was very funny. My friends and I would joke around about this same thing happening to us. :P

  6. Why were you cut?

  7. Why did you get kicked out of UG?

  8. I'm glad people enjoyed the comic, I laughed at it as well when I first saw it. Anyways, about the Underground. I already explained it in the Facebook, but here it is again.

    The old "bad" Plasma list in my latest article (the plasma list comparison) was almost a card-by-card replica of one of the Underground writer's list. I made a bad judgement call posting the almost-list of another writer, so it was all my fault and I take full responsibility about it. Adam has helped me a lot with The Deck Out and I am nothing but grateful to him for even letting me to write for the Underground in the first place!

    But even without UG, my blog will keep on going even more stronger than before since I don't have to save the best for the UG. I'm very interested in what you think about the supposed-to-be UG article compared to my ordinary articles. Getting a glimpse at the Underground-level writing is rare priviledge, so I'm sure you will like the article.

  9. Was that the reason for you being kicked out of UG? That you didn't like another author's deck list and you used it for comparison? I guess " Freedom of the Press " is not exactly enforced at UG.

    1. It's part of the agreement of a basic underground membership that you don't share information outside the UG. It's a business based around selling information. So by posting Jay's list, Esa kinda ostracized himself from everyone in the UG. Especially considering the article Esa did it in was crap and full of bad, over-the-top counters to a couple less-played decks. And they weren't even good decklists... Like... 3 Catcher in Darkrai/Hammers kinda bad decklists. That's supposed to counter Klinklang and combat the metagame. YUP!

  10. Freedom of the press!? He took something from a paid-for article and reproduced it on a free blog. That's copyright infringement. Then again, after seeing the playmats.....

  11. Yeah, I don't think there is any reason to debate if I did something wrong since I did. Period.

  12. Hey do you play test on the OTCGO by chance? It's nice to always be ae to battle competitive players anywhere.

  13. now I can read all the juicy information without having to pay for underground.(Which I don't)YAY

  14. Esa, don't forget to mention that you openly admitted to not posting your real lists to UG.


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