Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BW-on Poll time!

My blog will become as versatile as
Mew EX

Hi everyone!

I said that I would take a 2-week break before continuing my blog, but of course I couldn’t do that completely. The new tournament season is going to start very soon and the new season always brings new things (like for example Battle Roads without top cut). I’m also hoping to reach the freshness of the new season with my blog. However, for that I need YOUR input.

What do you want me to write about? Did you enjoy the last season and hope that I’ll mostly concentrate on analysis of metagame? Or do you want me to take more rogue-ish point of view in my articles? Would you like still like to see Eye on Japan articles, even though Japan is covered on the other sites as well? Are there any article types you would like me to write, but haven’t seen me to write yet? To make things easier, you are able to vote in a poll on the right. However, it would be great if I could hear your opinions about what kind of content you would like me to provide.

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I hope I am able to provide great Pokémon TCG info this season, just like last season!


  1. EYE ON JAPAN! This is by far the most useful place to find interesting deck ideas and strategy from Japan. Super interesting stuffz.

  2. 日本見学おねがい。

  3. EYE ON JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I would like you to focus on meta game decks and save the rogue decks to be a secret for the tournaments

  5. Eye on Japan and competitive metagame-deckanalyses are the most interesting articles for me.

  6. Your Eye on Japan articles is what first caught my "eye". Then I stayed for the rogue and meta-game deck analyses. Simply put, focus on those while also not changing your formula because it works!

  7. I advocate against Eye of Japan. This Japanese leaking fest is rewarding the decklist hunter instead of the decklist builder. However the Pandora box is already opened…

    I would like more articles "of you". Like, with the Mismagius/Terrakion deck during HGSS-NXD, reading it was like « Hey, I will talk about a deck, however I only run a few tests with it so this will mostly be my thoughts about it. Hey, pretty fun stuff. ». However, when you were talking about all the rogues around Mew Prime, it was more like « Here are my ideas all around this card. I like it because you can do this stuff, or that, even though I am not a fan of (classic mewbox). I hope you enjoyed it like I enjoyed toying with it. »
    Or when you started your blog, you had an article about how Pokémon Catcher impacted the format with the MegaZone deck as an example. It was like « hey, time changed and Pokémon Catcher brings a LOT of differences. But you know what? I strongly think it changes things for GOOD. » when a lot of people were seeing Catcher as a threat for a safe format.

    The main point is, a lot of people want to see quality informations about the metagame and what Japan do, however I find it more interesting to discover how you think and work on decks. May it be rogue or metagame, the time you spend on a subject makes the difference. There are more and more places to find informations about anything.

    Also I don't like reading articles you urged to finish. Take your time, your blog needs more bacon strips.

  8. I would definitely like to see more Eye on Japan articles. After all, information regarding the meta (as well as the game and community as a whole) on an international scale is arguably the best part about this blog. What you did last year was fine(read: awesome), and I personally would be happiest if you kept things as is.

  9. + Eye on Japan
    + Rogue/new Meta Ideas

    I'm kinda tired of the current popular decks, but I think your take on those should be interesting anyway. Keep up the good work!

  10. More of everything! I like the meta game analyis, the reporting of secret decks, and of course the Eye on Japan articles. Throw in some interviews with players from the U.S., Japan, and other countries to report on the local metas. Looking forward to another year!

  11. +eye on japan

    aka i love everything you do!

  12. I want to know what decks you, or someone you know, has been testing in the current format. How the deck ideas originate, how the deck has developed through testing, and whether or not you feel it has potential to win one of the upcoming tournaments.

  13. Eye on japan

    At least one meta a week, then a rogue or japan the other day

  14. EYE ON JAPAN!!!!!!
    ROUGE DECKS!!!!!!!!!

  15. Definitely going with Zarmakuizz on this one. If people are so keen on looking for decks out of Japan they can Google 【デッキレシピ】with whatever Pokemon they want to build around in Japanese (find their names on Bulbapedia).

    Rather than looking a set or even two sets into the future, why don't we focus on the present? Our fresh BW-on format is just little over a week away. Why are we looking so far ahead? I think everyone's best interest should be to look into what some good choices would be for your local competitive scene with Battle Roads coming up in the next couple of months.

  16. I'd like to know whats doing well in Japan and the Japanese players opionion on the metagame.

  17. I like the rogue deck ideas, the same old meta decks over and over again bore me.

  18. Talk about what you ate for breakfast this morning.....nah, go ahead and do the Eye on Japan again :P

  19. Eye on Japan
    Analysis of Battle Roads Results and the Decks that dominated it
    Preview Before Regionals
    Regionals Results
    Rogue Decks that came out during Battle Roads and Regionals
    Impact Crater (discussion of the next set that follows Dragons Exalted)

  20. Hey Esa,

    I realy enjoy ur blog and here are my reactions to ur poll.

    Nothing should be changed!
    U dont need too change anything ! u have a very good feeling for the game and ur articles are of a good quality.

    More rogue articles!
    Articles about rogue decks are alwais great too read and thay give u good insight in some fun idea's for league's of lower tournaments.

    More single card analysis!
    I am not a fan of single card analysis. If u do analisis do a deck analysis or more decks that all have that card in it.

    More things from Japan!
    News from japan is great to do after every set thay get too see what thay come up with. Meta there is alwais diffirent than in other continents but people can be creative with the japanise lists.

    More in-depth articles!
    I think u do this already. ur articles dont need to go in-depth even more.

    More interviews!
    Intervieuws dont realy improve the game becouse players often have a hero from there own country and that means that ur intervieuws will be for only a small group of people.

    More something? Tell me what!
    I do have something i whant to mention here. I totaly enjoyed the way u wrote down ur testing experience in ur hammertime article. If u write an article about something u have tested please write about it. it is absolutly brilliant too read !

    I hope i helped u a bit with my opinions. The way u help me by providing me with some great articles !


    Patrick den Boer

  21. Just keep doing what you're doing. What you're doing is a great thing. Although seeing more Eye on Japan articles couldn't hurt, and guest writers are nice sometimes too.

  22. Whoa, a lot of comments, just like I asked, thanks a lot! There are some very great thoughts in your comments, I got a lot of good insight and now know very clearly what you enjoy the most.

    Special thanks to Zarmakuizz, AnonymousX and Special force for their in-depth comments! The more in depth your comments are, the clearer I know what your thoughts are. Even though the poll has been around only 2 days, there are 3 very clear leaders:

    - More Eye on Japan!
    - More rogue articles
    - More in-depth articles

    I'm sure I'll be able to test more this season than I did last season, so for example telling more about my testing sounds like a great idea.

    Also, I would like to hear people opinion's does it really matter how many entries I do per week, or is the quality of the articles the main thing (even though I would be able to write only one article per week). I will put a poll about this later on, but for now I would like to hear your comments about that as well.

    Also, do you want me to produce content every Monday and Thursday (Finnish time) like I did last season, or do you check my Facebook/The Deck Out daily so don't need to necessarily know when the next article is released?

    More thoughts please, and thanks a lot for every single comment so far!

  23. More eye on japan and in-depth articles please.

  24. i dont like articles about rogue decks because they should remain secret as long as possible. i always find it interesting if a player plays a rogue deck and how other players adapt to it. if the idea is leaked then i dont like seeing lists but i would like to read your opinion on the deck.

    I also want to see articles about Mew EX and Ho-oh EX because they seem to have a lot of combo potential.

  25. Eye on Japan about the BW- FreezeBolt/ColdFlare decks. And then maybe some rogue decks. Those are always the most intresting!!!

  26. Eye on Japan, I don't know what 'other sites' provide info on Japan besides you, so please continue that. Also the rogue ideas are nice, but an occasional review of the metagame is still nice.

  27. Maybe sone of the BW-FreezeBolt/ColdFlare Decks. And i do enjoy the analysis of rouge/secret decks. That would be awesome!!

  28. You say your blog will have the versatility of Mew EX, that means you must be able to use the articles of any other website so long as you have the energy to write them.


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