Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ask Esa & Share your The Deck Out story

Hi everyone!

Today should've been another entry of the series The Deck Out goes global but instead of that, I decided to do what I promised to do in my New Year's entry. There I said that I keep getting so many e-mails from you everyone daily that I can't answer all of them in timely manner. However, that's why I decided to now start the "Ask Esa" entries, where you can e-mail me your questions or put them in the comment field and I'll ask all the questions in the same entry. Many of you are asking same things and fixes for same decks, so I can easily combine them that way and do a "mini-entry" about those decks at the same time as answering your questions.

If you don't want to show your decklist to the public, that's fine and then I'll only e-mail you the answer to your question. Of course, I hope that most of you are open with your lists and questions so I can make this series worthwhile of reading even for those who haven't sent me in a question. After all, I'm open with my lists, haha. The questions, I'm ready to answer are anything Pokémon TCG related; it can be for example about your deck, upcoming sets and my opinions about them, my favourite decks in the format or even my pesonal Pokémon TCG things. I'll answer to any question the best way I can.

The other thing I want you to do is share YOUR The Deck Out story. I know many people who have used my lists for testing or even tournament winning decks. If you have benefited from my blog or lists somehow, I would be very glad to know hear about it. That's a way to increase my blog's credibility at the same time as getting some more versatile content to my blog. I'm also very happy every time, I hear that someone has found my blog useful since after all, I'm doing this for you - the readers. I'll add The Deck Out stories to my blog anonymously or with nickname, if I get enough them and I sure hope I do get enough them. You can send your The Deck Out -stories to my e-mail as well as questions.

For the end, here are all the channel's you can contact me with.


I hope everyone is active and that I'll get a lot of contacts all over the world!

Thanks for reading and please, contact me one way or another.


  1. Wrote!!! Check e-mail

  2. Hi, first i want to say that i am new to the game, just a few monts. i've been playing a celebi/mewtwo/tornadus based in your list of the mewtwo EX series. So far its been great forme, i love the deck, by the way can you post your reshiboar lis? Thanks. The list now:
    Pokémon (11)
    2 Mewtwo EX (ND 54)
    4 Celebi (TR 92)
    3 Tornadus (EP 89)
    1 Shaymin (UL 8)
    1 Shaymin EX (ND 5)
    Trainer (36)
    3 Skyarrow Bridge (ND 91)
    4 Pokemon Catcher (EP 95)
    3 Pokegear 3.0 (HGSS 96)
    3 Switch (HGSS 102)
    4 Junk Arm (TR 87)
    1Revive (BW 102)
    2 Eviolite (NV 91)
    4 Dual Ball (CL 78)
    4 Professor Juniper (BW 101)
    4 Professor Oak's New Theory (HGSS 101)
    3 N (NV 92)
    1 PlusPower (BW 96)
    Energy (13)
    9 Grass Energy
    4 Double Colorless Energy (ND 92)

  3. Hello Esa!

    I enjoy reading your blog (sorry for rarely commented) and have used your decklists many times to build my own deck variations.

    These include: ReshiBoar, ReshiPhlosion, Durant, Zekrom/Eelektrik, and even Gothitelle/Reuniclus.

    I've learned a lot from analyzing, building, editing, and running your decklists in the crazy psuedo-Unlimited meta we have here in Alaska!

    Your tournament reports are always a good read and I admire your skills.

  4. Hey Esa! thanks for all that you do, man! Really appreciate it. hey, I saw someone saying that since Dark Explorers has come out with Rayquaza EX (I think...) that Mewtwo Ex has had very little play in Japan. Are you seeing that? Can you confirm that?


  5. Ken: I'll be answering that in my first Ask Esa: Answer Time! - entry of this week, look forward to it.

  6. ken: it's well known that dark explorers will bring darkrai, raikou, entei, groudon, tornadus and kyogre (all EX). Rayquaza will come in BW5 (dragon blast / dragon something in Japan)


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