Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Deck Out now on Facebook and Twitter!

Hello all The Deck Out followers!

And this time I really mean followers. Thanks to Adam from the SixPrizes I decided to expand The Deck Out to Facebook. I hope you like the page if you like my blog! You can find The Deck Out facebook page here:

I also made a Twitter account. I’m new with Twitter (in fact I haven’t ever visited the site before) so I’m excited what possibilities it gives me. I don’t yet have a smart-phone so I can’t tweet through my phone. You can find my twitter page here:

From now on, I won’t probably update every Tuesday and Friday at the same time as before because I’m busy with things but I’ll still update 1-2 times every week. I’ll Facebook and I’ll try to remember Tweet every time when I release a new article so be sure to follow either one of those (or even both) and check daily my blog to know when my blog has new entries!

Thanks for liking and following my blog!

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