Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vote! Results

Hello for all the readers!

The results vote results are final and in my opinion there were a few surprises.

The most wanted feature was – not-so-surprisingly – Eye on Japan(64%). I have made good progress with it and I’m probably going to publish the first part of the Eye on Japan next week. To gather more attention on it, I may release on SixPrizes as well but I’ll be releasing and informing about it in my blog as well so stay tuned!

The second placing vote was a surprise for me personally. It was "more metagame decklists"(54%). I’ve always loved to experiment with new deck ideas so it may have been a small disappointment for me but thankfully this format has a lot of metagame decks to write about so this won’t be a difficult task for me.

I’m very thankful that rogue decks placed 3th(49%) in this vote because, as I said, I love building rogue decks. In Finland we have a fine culture of building rogue decks and for me building new decks is the thing why I love this game so much. I want to cover first and foremost all the metagame decks but I’ll be releasing rogue deck ideas more during the upcoming seasons as well once the season has started properly and more sets are released.

4th in the vote placed the interviews(33%). Once I’ve established my place in the Pokémon TCG community worldwide, I’ll start contacting people all over the World for this one. So, the more you tell your friends about this site, the more versatile content I’m able to give you!

One thing in particular I was surprised about. The amount of people who wanted featured writers was less than I expected(only 17%). I hope it’s because you like my writing. But I think I’ll add quality featured writers once I have good volunteers for it.

I’ll try to keep the quality of my posts in the future as good as they are now and be sure to spread the word about my blog! I’m very pleased about all the positive feedback and constructive criticism you have been giving me so keep it up.

Thanks a lot for reading my blog now and in the future!

- Esa Juntunen

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