Monday, April 15, 2013

The Deck Out - playmat contest - time to vote!

Artis in the midst of work.

Hi everyone!

After putting up the playmat design contest, I didn’t know how many entries to expect. I guessed I would get something like 5 or at max 10. However, after 15 days, I was positively surprised that I got even more than 10 designs! And the designs are more awesome than I could even imagine! It will be very difficult to decide the one best one and for that I need YOUR help. 

The idea of the voting is pretty simple. Look at the contestants from the downer entry of my blog and vote for your favorite (you can only vote for one design) from the upper right corner, where you can find the poll. From the 3 most popular designs, I’ll choose a winner. However, as I make the last call, I might choose even a design that isn’t in the most popular 3 designs (this is to prevent any possible vote manipulation). However, I want to every single one of you to vote, so I can know what would you like to see as The Deck Out playmat.

Also, if you have any comments considering the designs or what you wouldn’t want to buy and explanations for your point of view, I would highly appreciate writing them to the comments section. What I was very surprised of was that a LOT of these designs’ were designed by girls even though the usual belief is that Pokémon TCG isn’t that popular among girls. I believe most of these designs were done by girls!

Thanks for all the great designers that put their heart and soul to these designs. I can’t describe how grateful I am to everyone and how impressed I was by everyone!

Let the voting begin!

You can check the designs from here:


  1. I just looked at the designs - no offense, but some of these are terribly uninspired! It could be narrowed down to about three or four good ones. But I'm sure the voting will reflect that.

  2. Could you leave a link to the desings?

  3. I have to agree with Will. The few that are decent will probably not be printable due to copyright issues (I'm pretty sure you can't use any Pokemon or PokeBall images if you intend on selling the mats).

  4. Most designs are just plain awfull and ugly. Like some bad 90s Website or BIOS Design....

    Except No. 13

    Maybe try to get the Card fields in a low transparecy level (about 33%) to shine above the design and just stick with the squares not with that yellow explosion KA-BOOM! something...

    1. that is the most RETARDED mat EVER!

  5. Good grief, don't choose 13 unless you increase the size of the lettering. "The Deck Out" is printed too small!

  6. I'm sorry, but those designs are either not recommended or just plain terrible.
    This is the reason why people are paid to create a logo. It's not easy to make a distinctive, attractive and recognizable mark for a blog or an organization.

  7. Pretty sure you won't be able to sell anything with Pokémon-related images on it, so you can scrap some of the designs right off the bat.

    That said, number 8, the one with N's silhouette, is the only one I'd consider paying for.

  8. Gotta go with 13.

  9. Yeah, 13 looks good but you may have copyright issuesif the mats get popular and PTCi catches wind of it. Still, the design gets my vote.

  10. Number 7 is the most stylish!

    13 is very nice but is a playmat for juniors XP

  11. As a 40 yr old Pokedad I cant see myself using 13. And besides that, it is just too busy.

  12. I choose either 5 or 12. Please 1 & 13 are so unprofessional, so are some of the others that like done via paint and same are unprofessional.

  13. 13 is so gay and unprofessional, Esa, please don't use it D:

  14. I'd like to vote for 18, but I can't. Only designs 1-16 are listed!


  16. Hey Esa,

    We heard that the professor Cup is soon with a really great format called Kiddie Pool.

    Could you write a article about the prof cup like why certain cards would be gooed in that kind of format? I would like to see how you think about it.

    A few friends of mine only talk about whirlipede but i know a lot more is possible.

    Greetings from france


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