Friday, May 17, 2013

The Deck Out - playmat contest: The Winner!

The winning playmat designed by Andrew Lumapas

Hello everyone!

The results are in. And the winner is…Design 1 with a landslide!

First of all, congratulations for the winner designer Andrew Lumapas, who created this simple, but cool looking design. (Check his website here) I’m a bit surprised how more popular the design 1 was compared to the design 2, which was so awesome as well. In fact, I thought the two designs were equally good even though they were very different looking! However, one had to come up on top and it was the design 1.

Now, when it comes to getting the playmat. It will be sold in the website. I’ll let you know in my blog, Twitter and Facebook when they are available for sale. Thanks to the design competition and me not getting any commission from the sales of the playmats, the playmat will cost 28 dollars + the shipping. It’s cheaper than the other playmats out there, but I still know that the price can be an issue for someone (especially for poor students like me). 

Anyways, I hope you support and me in a way and buy the playmat. It would be very cool to see someone actually play with The Deck Out –playmat –especially in a streamed game, lol.

Thanks for everyone who attended the competition, by designing, stating their opinion and voting for the designs! For me the competition was a success story.

Stay tuned for the official release date (which should be soon).


  1. esa, about the price you mean it's 28$ with the shipping included or not?

    1. Can't you read?? 28 + shipping....

    2. Yup, it's 28 + shipping, More details coming when they come to sale.

  2. First off, congratulations to Andrew for his work.

    My sister designed the 2nd place mat. Making the finals is awesome. The sad thing to me is that she also made the finals for the 2012 The Top Cut design contest, but didn't get selected then either. She does the best work (in my opinion) but can't seem to win it. I'm guessing she'll keep trying.

    Anyways, props to her.

    1. It obivouslly good!!, but being her sister, your probally bias.

      No offense though

    2. I didn't knew that Jessica designed the 2nd placing mat for The Top Cut as well! I really really liked her design for me as well and was VERY surprised that Andrew's playmat won with a landslide. I thought it would be a close one, because I couldn't decide between the two.


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