Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome to The Deck Out!

Hello and welcome to my blog – to The Deck Out!

My name is Esa Juntunen and I live in Vaasa, Finland. I know many U.S. players and even European players have never heard of me so I’ll list my achievements from 2004 to 2011 in Pokémon TCG tournaments in the end of this blog update to give my blog some credibility. If you don’t bother reading without any proof of quality you can scroll down and check out my achievements.

First, I want you to know why I’m writing this blog. Just yesterday I moved to a new city which is 400km from my home league. The closest league from here is 80km away so I won’t be going to that league either too often. So the reason for me to write the blog is to stay in contact with the Pokémon TCG community while still being active with deck building and theorymoning. I love this game and writing articles so blogging about Pokémon TCG is only a natural thing to do. I have a chance to go to league/tournaments about once a month so you can read my tournament reports here as well.

The other thing is that I want to share my knowledge and ideas for the whole Pokémon TCG community for free because I often hear how the quality of free competitive Pokémon TCG knowledge is low. Sadly, I must agree. I remember the time when the best of this game wrote great and long articles to and shared their ideas of even new decks to the public. Thankfully there are few websites nowadays that do offer great content for free but still I think there is still demand for more high-quality Pokémon TCG content. I will try to offer you regularly competitively valuable content for free – that is my mission.

The greatest challenge and fun in this game - in my opinion – is deck building. I have always considered myself more as a deck builder than a player even though I have had a great amount of success as a player as well. Still, I think my greatest achievements are the decks I have built during my 8-year World Championship history. That’s why in this blog I’ll mostly focus on decks and cards that are playable. I won’t be having things like “card of the day” because over half of the cards I would be analyzing would be rubbish (just look at the new set Emerging Powers and how many really playable cards it has – only a few).

Then what will you be seeing in this blog? I will be first updating 2 times a week (or more if I have spare time) and try to increase the number of updates to 3 times a week when the City Championship season begins. Here is a list I’ll be covering in this blog. Remember -
if you have a request of something you'd like to see me blog about or if you just want to ask something – you can always e-mail me to: or contact me via comment field. I will answer each question personally.

- Full deck lists, skeleton deck lists and tech options for every metagame deck
- Whole new fun and competitive rogue decks you can’t even think of
- Secret deck analysis as soon as one is brought up
- How the new sets  and cards will affect the format and analysis of every new playable card
- Metagame analysis for every k-rated tournament series
- My own tournament reports

And if this blog gets enough attention worldwide I will also be doing:

- “Eye on Japan” – series which covers Japan’s metagame and hopefully I will get some interviews from Japanese players
- Interviews of notable players worldwide
- Interesting little facts about the Pokémon TCG

If this blog doesn’t get enough attention internationally, I will eventually change the language back to my own language(Finnish). That’s why I hope you will tell your friends about my blog and if you like the content also left opinions to the comment field.

Now for my personal achievements:

16x City Champion
12x Regional Champion 

5x National Championship
3x World Championships Top32
1x World Championships Top8
2x Builder and co-builder of Finnish World Champions’ decks
2x Judge at Finnish National Championships

If you want to know more about me or my blog, just leave a question to the comment box or e-mail me to:

I have written many many articles about Pokémon (the longest one was about 50 Word pages) in Finnish but because my native language isn’t English, I hope you’ll inform me if I have serious grammar or spelling errors that I do repetitively.  I hope you will comment to the comment box also if the content of this blog satisfies you and if there is something else you would like to see. This will be a huge challenge and an adventure for me from the beginning and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will.

- Esa Juntunen

// Be back to The Deck Out next Tuesday (6/9/2011) when I’ll analyze all the notable cards that are in the new set Emerging Powers and will change the metagame!


  1. Cool site man, best of luck with it. :)


  2. "16x City Championships victories
    12x Regional Championships victories
    5x National Championships victories"
    Those "x"s aren't needed because there's a plural in the end of each one.

  3. Thanks anonymous. I'll guess I'll fix it. The X's were there just because I'm used to use them every time I'm list something on the internet. But good point.


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