Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hi everyone!

Today I have a small announcement to make. I want your opinions of what you want to see on my blog. That’s why I will make a poll about it. You can find the poll if you scroll a bit down and look right. Be sure to vote, so I can improve the content of my blog even more! Leave a comment after this update if you chose the “Other, what?”  - option and tell me what you would like to see. I’m always eager to get new ideas.

Be sure to check my exclusive article about the new ranking system this Friday!


  1. Great site, great articles and deck analysis. It's a pleasure reading them! I think that continuing the trend of posting tested and strong deck lists with cogent analysis is useful to all of us. Maybe following up the battle roads article with an analysis of what has changed/what's been winning?

  2. Your decklists have been interesting and their analysis has been top notch, would be great to keep that as a staple on your site. And I agree with Rob, BR (or tournament) analysis and reports would be nice considering the meta can differ from place to place, would be great to hear how's it like where you are. If you'd like, some of us following your blog could even provide you info on metas in their areas too, I for one won't mind, helping expand your blog would be a pleasure. :)


  3. Found you through 6P, so far I like it. I think people are pretty savvy on meta choices at the moment, perhaps we could use some insight into the new sets and possible impacts on the meta or creative teching for established decks. Perhaps an article on comparative engine strategies (aka draw/search/disrupt power). Anyways, keep it up, like the work.

  4. Great suggestions guys! I will make BR analysis aftet Battle Roads with the information i'll get from the Pokegym's Who/What won Battle Roads -topic. I'll also try to get metagame from differente area.


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