Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quick update: All BW3 ‘Psycho Drive’ and ‘Hail Blizzard’ translations now released!

If you haven't checked the new sets translations yet, now is the time. Pokébeach has just released of all translations of the upcoming japanese set BW3!
Here is the link:

Remember: It's important to get to know to the upcoming sets because that way you can predict the metagame and be ahead when thinking what will be the NEXT big thing! If you're step ahead of the format all the time, it will also become cheaper for you(Remember Yanmega Prime?).

Be sure to come back to The Deck Out this Friday, when it's time for ReshiPlosion!


  1. I think this isn`t next set what release.

    Look that last card what is scanned. It`s shiny Chandelure. Am I right? Look another shiny pokemons. They all are released except Chandelure.

    I think in the next release sets cards you find when you go to check in pokebeach japanese sets. There you find red collection and in this set is Chanderlure.

  2. Or is that Black and white same as BW0 and Emerging Powers same as BW1?

  3. It's Black And White 3 in Japan, not in the U.S. or Europe. So it will be the set that will be releaed for us in the spring before states.


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