Wednesday, December 14, 2011

About me(us)

Hello all The Deck Out followers!

This isn't a real entry so I'll be back with an another update in the next few days. However, I decided to do a info entry about myself and everythin what's behind this blog. You may have read my opening entry but for those who haven't this is completely new info. Anyways, the reason why I'm doing this kind of entry is because someone told me that my name wasn't mentioned anywhere in the blog. The other thing that lead me to do this was Mikey Fouchet writing my name as "Eskil" for a SixPrizes Underground -article. I thought something was wrong when someone told me about that.

Anyways here is a little introduction about me and which people and things has affected the development of this blog. I'll also add this to its own headline beside The Decklist Out so you can read it any time. You can also find all the social media links and my e-mail from there.  

My name is Esa Juntunen and I live in Finland. You may have heard my name mentioned here and there but it may also be that you may have never heard of me.

First of all, the reason why I write this blog is to share all my knowledge about Pokémon TCG with everyone. This is also a huge challenge to myself because English isn't my native language and producing high-quality content in a foreign language is challenging and demanding at the same time. However, I can also learn a thing or two while writing this blog. At least my English skills will develop while writing this blog.

To write high-quality material about Pokémon TCG I need to know something about Pokémon TCG. I should've also accomplished at least something and played a long time competitively. Well, to be honest, I wouldn't be writing this blog if I didn't feel like I have something to give everyone in the world of Pokémon TCG. So, to give my blog some credibility, here are some of my top accomplishments in Pokémon TCG.

x City Champion
Regional Champion 
5x National Champion
x World Championships Top32
x World Championships Top8
x Builder and co-builder of World Championship winning decks
Judge at Finnish National Championships

I want to share my knowledge and ideas for the whole Pokémon TCG community for free because I often hear how the quality of free competitive Pokémon TCG knowledge is low. Sadly, I must agree. I remember the time when the best of this game wrote great and long articles to and shared their ideas of even new decks to the public. Thankfully there are few websites nowadays that do offer great content for free but still I think there is still demand for more high-quality Pokémon TCG content. I will try to offer you
regularly competitively valuable content for free – that is my mission. Of course this takes a lot of time, which I could spend on school or work so that's why I may add a donate button in the future – I'm a student after all.

The greatest challenge and fun in this game - in my opinion – is deck building. I have always considered myself more as a deck builder than a player even though I have had a great amount of success as a player as well. Still, I think my greatest achievements are the decks I have built during my 8-year World Championship history. That’s why in this blog I’ll mostly focus on decks and cards that are playable. I won’t be having things like “card of the day” because over half of the cards I would be analyzing would be rubbish.

Then what will you be seeing in this blog? I will be updating my blog 2 times a week (sometimes 3 times a week). Here is a list of things I’ll be covering in this blog. Remember - if you have a request of something you'd like to see me blog about or if you just want to ask something – you can always e-mail me to: or contact me via comment field. I will answer each question and request personally.

- Eye on Japan – article series covering the Pokémon TCG scene of Japan
- Full deck lists, skeleton deck lists and tech options for every metagame deck
- Whole new fun and competitive rogue decks you can’t even think of
- Secret deck analysis as soon as one is brought up
- How the new sets  and cards will affect the format and analysis of every new playable card
- Metagame analysis for every k-rated tournament series
- My own tournament reports
- Interviews of notable players worldwide
- The Deck Out goes global – series covering the Pokémon TCG scene all over the world

When I started this blog, I had no plans for the reader amount. First, I was happy with 500 readers daily but I soon understood how much the blog could grow. I didn't understand what I started when I started my blog. The popularity this blog has gotten has caught me by surprise. The growth of viewers has been awesome to see and I want to thank every follower of this blog very much. Every blogger writes only for the readers so I'm very happy to write for a growing audience. Without any of you, I wouldn't be writing this blog!
Anyways, even though all the things are written 100% by me and I haven't yet gotten any featured writers, I have back-up people who have greatly affected my blog's content.

First and foremost, there is Julia. I and probably anyone who has read Eye on Japan -article can thank her for making it possible. Julia is my Japanese translator. Without her I would've never gotten a Japanese source and I wouldn't have been able to provide you any of the information I've brought from Japan. Even though I haven't mentioned Julia in my entries, she has been the biggest help of all with my blog and will be in the future as well.

Second, there is Ukinin-san. He is kind enough to answer any of my questions about Japanese Pokémon TCG and thanks to him and his blog, I've been able to provide the metagame breaking decks like 6-corners and Cobalion/Kyurem/Electrode. All the info for Eye on Japan has also come from him so I think everybody (including me) should be very grateful for him as well. Be sure to read his blog as well if you understand Japanese – it's on the friends' list of my blog.

There are also several other people I would like to thank for all the ideas I've gotten my blog:

- Adam from the
- Nathan from the

These both persons have been a great help while establishing my blog in social media and all over the internet and it's been great discussing with these people.

I'd like to also thank everyone who has been reading my blog and has given me encouraging comments!

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The DeckOut on Twitter

Thanks for reading my blog,

- Esa Juntunen


  1. Nice post, I actually started reading your blog recently and it's nice to know a little more from who's writing.

    Nice to read that you're getting so many views. Although I'm not really inserted into the 'Competitive Pokémon Player' category, your texts are a pretty enjoyable read. Please continue with the awesome work.

    Thanks for talking about your sources too, I think I'll visit Ukinin-san blog to see if I can get my japanese any better. I still have some problems with Kanji, mas I'm getting better at reading the cards. Hopefully I can be of help on translating someday too.

  2. Are you going to do that kind of entry every three months ? :)
    Thank you Julia, thank you Ukinin-san, thank you everybody else that deserves it !

  3. Zarmakuizz, you're welcome!

    Thank you Esa for this opportunity to improve my Japanese skills.

    (lol had to edit this because Esa told me I seemed too much like a troll. :D)

  4. Matheus: Glad to hear you like my blog! I'll try to provide material for everyone time to time but my main goal is to provide competitive material.

    Julia: Haha.

    Zarmakuizz: Haha, I hope I don't have to now that I've added this on its own page.

    Thanks for comments, feel free to comment!

  5. Esa, don't get me wrong, I actually like to read the competitive articles, I just can't put them to practice where I live and with the cards I have. I like to read about the many different strategies and thoughts about the game, and your texts are very good to read, so I'll keep following your next entries.

  6. Julia!
    I love you! You are the best!
    will you marry with me?


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