Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Decklist Out updated!

I've now fully updated The Decklist Out with a HGSS-NV lists and all the decks I've reviewed in my blog. I'll be making an article about Vanilluxe, Chandelure and Ross.dec in the near future because I still miss articles of them. The Decklist Out is still missing a list of Magnezone/Eelektrik, which has dominated Cities so it will be my next deck article project so I can give you a deck list of it.

Let me know if you feel like anything is missing or is not working on The Decklist Out!

Eye on Japan: Part 2 coming hopefully later this weekend!


  1. Esa do you not believe that Reshiphlosion is tier 1 anymore? In the article of the changes in metagame decks with the release of NV you said this, ''ReshiPlosion is able to keep its place in the top tier.'' I believe this, but the in the decklist out Reshiphlosion is not in the hottest decks now section. From what I understand the hottest decks now is for tier 1 decks. Have I understood the section wrong or is Reshiphlosion no longer, in your opinion, tier 1? If it is no longer tier 1 why is it not tier 1?

  2. Freze: That's a very good question. ReshiPlosion is still a top tier and is able to keep up with the best decks in the format but it isn't "hot" right now. It didn't get anything game changing in NV and hasn't changed much after the release of NV. The hottest section includes the decks that have are the leading decks in "What won CCs" - topic in Pokegym. Of course I can't only just look at the numbers and results so the list also has some of my own option in them as well.

    And to answer to your question more clearly: if I was going to a tournament and would want to win the tournament - I wouldn't play ReshiPlosion.

  3. I can share you my version of GS-NV ross.dec if you want :) I think it is more stable than in previous format.

  4. Talking about Ross.dec is going to be one of your longuest articles. I think the longuest article you did was about Mew prime and it was something like 4200 words. I wrote one time an article about Ross in HGSS-EP and it was like 6400 words. I would say, with NV out an article about Ross would be much longer than in pure HGSS-NV.
    Enjoy :D


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