Monday, July 9, 2012

How Finnish players prepare for Worlds: Part 1

Hello everyone!

The 7th annual Miska-camp took place this weekend. Miska-camp is a place where Finnish players gather and test for Worlds. At first it was only for testing and we played very hardcorely at least 8 hours a day while fixing our decks. However, over time other activities have taken over Pokémon TCG and Miska-camp is nowadays much more than just a Poké-camp.

I tested enough in the Miska-camp and even though I haven't decided my Worlds deck yet, I'm pretty certain of, which decks will do well. In this entry, I won't be analyzing any metagame for you, but show you how Finnish players prepare for Worlds. This is a good recipe since Finland has 2 World Champions, 4 top4 placements and 8 top8 placements in the history of World Championships!

Here are the pictures I and Ville V. took from this year's Miska-camp. Check the pictures from the entry below this. Click the pictures to enlarge. Enjoy.

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