Monday, July 23, 2012

How Finnish players prepare for Worlds: Part 2

The sun always shines while play testing.

Eelektrik proved to be the BDIF - at least in this game.

In the 2nd Poké-Camp everyone concentrated on Pokémon!

On the other hand...

This guy has a bright future in the world of modern art

Mime Jr. - the secret tech of Team Finland

The basketball got out of bounds.
Me debating who to choose to my team.

Let the game begin!

Facepalm - World Champion style.
In the heat of the game...

In order to become a true Pokémon Champion, you must first
master the art of push-ups!

The results of the practice tournament.

In pool you need to cocentrate even more than in Pokémon!

Even Durant made a showing in the practice tournament!

Me facing Hammertime.

The camp venue.


I'm so bad at this game.
Versatile testing is the key to success!


  1. I guess the seeker and golden pokemon catcher decks are secret decks!

    1. Why does the Golden Catcher indidcate a secret deck? It's just for style IMO xD
      Also, there are some decks that run Seeker like Meganium/Vileplume.

    2. Probably because all the other decks have a pokemon as their top card... indicating what type of deck it is at the very least. Any deck can run pokemon catcher or seeker, but it's more difficult to just throw a Magnezone in a deck.

  2. Yay Mahjong, I never expected you to like it.

  3. Where have I seen those top-2 results before...

    Niin ja paras tapa valmistautua Worldseihin on lukea Kari Korhosen piirtämiä Ankka-sarjoja. Tuo tais olla Aku Ankka 48/2011.

  4. All I can say is that looks like so much fun. Good luck to you all, certainly all that practice and fun can't hurt lol.

    1. That does look like fun! I wish I had more than 3 friends that played Pokemon...

  5. I think you left out the 17-hour mahjong session on day 1/2 and the "pro"-match on day 2/3. Still, the camp wasn't about mahjong even though that was played more than anything.

  6. Haha looking at these pictures brings back good memories (from a few days ago LOL) and generally I had a good time coming back to pokemon (after a full years break from it) by placing 4th : 3 anyways was nice to see you guys, good luck in Hawaii and see you in the autumn tourneys to come!

  7. Now i really wish i was finnish...

  8. Love these pictures Esa. It's different in the US since we have so many players, but it looks like the camaraderie is very high among the Finnish players which is awesome!

  9. About the SD-discussion: If you read my blog closely, you should know that Golden Catcher is important part of Kumis.dec! But to be honest, it's just Eelektrik with Golden Catcher ;)

    Luffymcduck: Haha, indeed.

    Shinryu & CruelBear: Thanks a lot! Yes it was lots of fun!

    BloodBane: Didn't noice the Mahjong-session probably, because I played so much Pokémon!

    Mikko Airiainen: Thanks!

    Darkwing34: Haha, you can always try to get a dual citizenship!

    Adam: Yeah, it would be great to experience the U.S. game as well, because I believe it differs greatly from ours. Lol, I needed to check the word "camaraderie" but you're correct, the group is very close-knitted going to Worlds.

  10. Esa, will you be participating in the Top Cut Invitational? I really want to see you play. :D

  11. Icecream: Good that you mentioned that, I only now noticed I was invited! I'll gladly attend the tournament and I'm very honoured I was invited.

  12. Props for testing a Magnezone deck.


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