Wednesday, July 3, 2013

PTCGO Tropical Beach giveaway!

Virtually free!
Hello everyone!

As you know if you follow me on social media, a few days ago I received Tropical Beach codes for PTCGO as many other Worlds 2011 and 2012 attendees. Soon I realized that as I don’t play PTCGO at all, they are just a bunch of useless codes for me. I could sell them for 20-30$/each, but I would really like to reward my fans instead of making money with them. That’s why I will posting competitions to my blog and to social media where I give 1-2 codes at a time, with which you can use to claim 4 Tropical Beaches in PTCGO. To be amongst the first to know when a new Tropical Beach code competition is available in my blog, follow me on:

Twitter or

The competitions are simple. I ask questions about my Pokémon TCG career, me or my blog and I will reward 1-2 people who answered correctly. I will post the question of the day to Facebook, where I hope you answer the question, because that's teh only way I can recognize who answered correctly. If you don't have Facebook, e-mail me the answer to: I hope you will write on Facebook, because otherwise my e-mail will be filled with e-mails before I have time to say Pikachu.

So stay tuned in social media! Also, there may be codes hidden somewhere inside my new blog texts as well! So, read every entry carefully! The competitions will start somewhere next week after the U.S. Nationals, so everyone can attend.

Anyways, this will happen somewhere next week and before that I’ll try to get some more additional Tropical Beaches from other Finnish players as well to share with, so I hope I can give away a LOT of Tropical Beaches for free. I hope that you will take the code only if you sincerely need it for playing and that you don’t take it and sell it just to make money and that you only claim one code (since you get 4 Beaches with one code). It would defeat the whole purpose of me giving these away for free. Thank you.

One more thing! I would like to give one Tropical Beach right here, right now. This Tropical Beach goes to a person, who is probably the most active commenter in my blog and thus I want to recognize the time he spends on reading and commenting on my blog. Alex Hill! E-mail me to: to claim your PTCGO Tropical Beach if you need one. If you don’t, just comment on the comments section and I’ll pass it on to someone else.

Thanks for being the best fans a blog can get!

Also,  you should give HUGE props for the following people who gave me their Tropical Beach codes, so I can give you more of them:

- Matius Hurskainen
- Miska Saari

At the moment I already have 14 codes to share with you guys!

Oh and good luck to everyone attending the U.S. Nationals this weekend!


  1. Thanks Esa! I sent you an email from my nwalex account and can definitely use a Beach code. I haven't been to Worlds so I don't have any for myself.

  2. I'll be waiting n.n I really want to try out my gothitelle/accelgor deck online :D

  3. My Blastoise list will wait at 57 cards until I win one. :D

  4. There's gotta be others ways to win the codes too!! Cause I recently started playing so I don't know much about you, but I read every blog you've written since I've started about 3 months ago!!

  5. Chris: Don't worry. The questions will be difficult for everyone. And as the answers will show on Facebook, you can just join the bandwagon if you think that majority of the people guess correctly! No one really has an advantage when it comes to the questions I have planned. I just wanted to have a fun way to give these codes away.

  6. Well this is such a nice idea. I'm also pretty and have been lurking for a few months, and have been very surprised and pleased with the generosity of the community.

  7. WOW! I don't coment very much because I don't speak english very well, but I read each entry and a will do my best XD

  8. Esa, you "teh" instead of "the".

    1. I like this "teh" better.

  9. wow i cant wait im a old Pokemon player and i have been listening and reading all your articles for a long time and your the reason my deck hammer time is so good.

  10. You were right. Gothitelle Accelgor won.

  11. I really need 4 of these codes. How can I win them? Or I can pay you for them.


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