Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tropical Beach giveaway 2: The winners!

Impact Crater

This time the contest was even more interesting than last time! At first, I thought that everyone would just say Zelda, but then some people remembered the Ace Attorney picture in Miska camp and eventually almost everyone jumped on the Ace Attorney bandwagon. Even though I love Zelda and Ace Attorney, the correct answer is neither of them.

It seems that people have good, but short memory! The hint was that there was a reference in my blog to the game series every three months. A lot of people seemed to dismiss the hint completely.  But the question is, what happens every three months? A new set is released! So, a new “Impact Crater” –entry is made every three months as well. This leads us to the correct answer, which is… Metroid! And more precisely Metroid Prime-series. You can find the final boss of the Metroid Prime 1 from the Impact Crater and if you Google search e.g. “Impact Crater Nintendo”, you can find Metroid references all around the search hits. However, I was positively surprised to see that some people remembered that Impact Crater-entries are released every three months and could connect it with Metroid Prime. Great job!

More right answers came with e-mail this time and the lucky winners of PTCGO  Tropical Beach codes are:

David Zou
Juho Hautala
Melissa Parker (e-mail)
Arren Mallot (e-mail)

It seems that differing from the masses has been a key to victory so far. Tomorrow, a new contest will take place once again and I believe it’s the easiest question so far. So, will the masses be right tomorrow? Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter to find out!


  1. Haha, when I did some research I found the Impact Crater reference but since it is my favourite series (too it seems) I just thought my mind was playing me a trick and it felt better to go with Ace Attorney (it even had picture proof). I'm glad that it really was metroid, even tough I didn't go with it. Congrats to the winners!

  2. This is the Impact Crater I know the best.;)


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  4. The Metroid Prime Series is my favorite too!


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