Monday, July 1, 2013

The Miska Camp 2013 Experience

A familiar scenery

Mahjong is still strong in these ones

One of my favorie mirror matches of all-time

Stage2 EXs? YEs please!

Finnish summer

Target acquired

Board games, carda games, all the same!

We got quite a nice amount of attendees this year as well!

Mission accomplished.

Time for a nap? Not yet!

And we thought THIS format was bad.

Gigas vs. LostGar

Fully equipped.

Miska has a very own cablecar on their back yard.

Flamed bacon strips. That didn't go well...

Gourmet food á la Esa. Can it get any better?

Yes it can!

DialgaChomp vs. Regigigas

Miska takes on MetaNite with his World Championship deck!


After some brotherly quarrel...'s time to take a rest!


  1. haha where's the current format? :p

  2. Esa is secretly suppoting Unlimited! :P

  3. we'll see the current format at worlds hahas

  4. I want the extended format like they have in Japan.


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