Monday, July 1, 2013

Worlds preperations: Miska Camp 2013

Hello everyone!

As you may know (or not know), the Miska Camp took place last weekend. Miska Camp is an annual

An epic showdown between me and Kumis
meeting of Finnish players, where the players going to Worlds test for Worlds’ decks and strategies. However, over time it has developed to be much more than just preparing Pokémon TCG decks for Worlds Championships. Anyways, just like last year, I will do a picture-entry of this year’s Miska Camp.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! It sure was a blast again this year even though the Worlds preparatios… Well, there were less them than I had expected, but I sure had a lot of fun nonetheless! You can find the pictures from the entry below this.
Remember to click the pictures to enlarge them.


  1. Good point. We are too old-school to play with playmats. I have never owned a single playmat...

  2. ESA, this new virizion genosect deck seems like it is really going to mess up the format. What do you thInk?

    Anyway the Misla camp looks like a lot of fun.


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