Monday, July 29, 2013

Tropical Beach giveaway 4 winners and Pokedemia!

Pokedemia is the new cool.
Hello everyone!

I was supposed to do a Worlds-entry today, but due to the changed circumstances, I had to move it for Wednesday. Anyways, today I have two important things - the winners of the last Tropical Beach PTCGO codes and a shout out for a great new Pokémon TCG blog.

Let’s start with the correct answer to the last question and who are the winners. The correct answer to the question: Who do I consider as the best player in the game is…. Sami Sekkoum! Not the most surprising choice, but not the most obvious choice either. He is the most consistent player in the Worlds and National Championships history and that’s a reason enough for me. Anyways, the winners of the last PTCGO Tropical Beach codes are:

Christina Pendergrast
- Connor McClure

Congratulations to the winners! E-mail me to: to claim your prize.

Then, to the more important thing today! Steffen Eriksen from Denmark has established a new Pokémon TCG blog, which has a very interesting approach on writing and I really love the concept and hope it will become hugely successful. I will let Steffen introduce the blog and idea to you.

Hi everyone!

My name is Steffen Eriksen and I have been a Pokémon player for quite some time. Recently I got the idea to start a new blog with inspiration from The Deck Out. My blog will be named Pokedemia and will, as the name indicates, have a more academic focus on Pokémon TCG. To my knowledge there is yet no site which does that and I think that the Pokémon community can benefit from having a site which takes a more academic approach. The subjects which will be included on the blog will be: Mathematic, Economics, Econometrics, Statistics, Marketing and much more. As a special feature of the blog, I welcome people to write in with articles they wish to publish on the blog. For more information about me and how the blog is going to work visit:

I hope that you all will enjoy reading my blog and a special thanks to Esa for letting me advertise my new blog here!

Steffen Eriksen

Be sure to check Pokedemia out! I love the more mature approach to Pokémon TCG as the game’s player base has become a lot older and I believe I may very well to write to Pokedemia in the near future as well! I hope that the site will get an explosive start with great articles.


  1. I knew the answer was Sami Sekkoum,( you said so on the top cut's website) but I did not enter, oh well, congrats to the winners anyway.

  2. Actually, you clearly stated Gino Lombardi was the best (Gardevoir) player in the world, so technically I was right. Ask a less ambiguous question next time. Also, I think it's a bit unfair that it's not the first group of people to answer that win the prize; clearly on Facebook people copy others' answers. Just saying.

  3. No sense in crying over spilled milk...

  4. Nice I know Steffen Eriksen.


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